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Lyft driver wants apology after R&B singer Raz B posted the driver 'won't give it back'

WTLV-TV Jacksonville logo WTLV-TV Jacksonville 5/11/2019 Crystal Bailey

It's a story picked up by TMZ and other national entertainment reports. 

R&B singer Raz B used the ride service Lyft to get a ride across Jacksonville, but left his Louis Vuitton bag filled with expensive valuables in the backseat.

He posted on social media that the driver refused to give it back. He's in town because the R&B group B2K is performing at the Veterans Memorial Arena Friday night as part of their Millenium Tour. 

The Lyft driver, Christopher Ross, said he wants an apology. It wasn’t until another rider in his car found a bag in the backseat that he realized the R&B singer had left his personal belongings.

"This is a job that I do for my family," he said. "Now I probably lost wages because the minute somebody sees my face, I'm known as the lyft driver that stole from Raz B."

The singer posted on Instagram that his Lyft driver would not give back his 2500 dollar Louis Vuitton bag.

"This is where Mr. Raz B left his merchandise."

Ross said he thought he smelled marijuana in the bag. 

"He called me once. His manager called me, as well as his assistant, asking for the bag to be brought back at an undisclosed location," Ross said. "I'm not driving with drugs on me."

Ross said Raz B talked to him over the phone. "He said, 'I have a medical card that allows me to carry that.'"

Ross said he brought the bag down the street to the JSO substation on Norwood Avenue.

Ross said the officers he handed the bag to confiscated the marijuana and did not press any charges.

A post on Raz B's instagram shows he picked up his bag and got everything back. 

Later, B2K posted on Instagram that Raz B would be sitting out of the performances in Florida to focus on his health and well-being.

We reached out to his event managers, but they said "no comment."

Ross is hoping the singer makes amends and takes the posts down. 

"He could have just apologized," said Ross. 


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