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Missing in Kansas with Annette Lawless

Missing in Kansas is a daily series, where I give the families of missing people a voice, hold the state accountable and dig into unsolved cold cases. In Kansas, there are more than 500 unsolved cases on record. We’ve shared more than 400 cases. Some cases this year have had hundreds of thousands of shares online – on one story alone. Through my persistence, I’ve also been able to unearth new documents and crime scene photos. Now, state agencies are asking me to help train their staff with getting stories out to the media effectively. ------- 0:00 ------ JANE DOE: The Jane Doe Dickinson County case is a prime example of digging deeper. It started with me looking at the state’s crime scene photos and noticing a unique picture of evidence from a homicide. I convinced the county to dig through their film archives, digitize and release photos from the crime scene. With a few trips to Abilene, I found a new clue and a new person to speak with – including the man who found Jane Doe’s body. ------- 4:38 ------ 400 CASES: I’m quite proud of reaching 400 stories with Missing in Kansas. We’ve been able to hold the state and local law enforcement accountable with getting stories out – and corrected. There have been major problems with the launch of the state’s new missing person’s clearinghouse. We are making sure cases are treated right. ------- 8:46 ------ ADAM HERRMAN: The high-profile missing persons case of Adam Herrman turned 20 years old this year. I also dug through court documents and crime reports to see the case from the start. I drove from Kansas to Indiana to meet with Adam’s biological dad. Adam’s sister, friend and sheriff also shared emotional interviews about why they think Adam died at the hands of his adoptive family. I pushed law enforcement and state officials – on every end – to learn more about why nobody was prosecuted and why things were left so open on the case. Many declined to comment, as noted in the reports. Adam Herrman fell through the cracks of the system. He shouldn’t have. ------- 13:26 ------ MEGAN FOGLESONG: The disappearance of Megan Foglesong has been a mystery for four years. Law enforcement has refused to speak of the case until this fall, but even then, it’s been limited. This fall, we were able to obtain some criminal reports and 911 tapes involving Megan and boyfriend David Madden. He, later, was named a suspect in her disappearance. A friend from a 911 tape spoke about life leading up to the incident. ------- 16:59 ------ SEXTORTION: A majority of our daily reports feature runaway teens. We share resources for families and juveniles. In this report, we look at a common way for sex predators to trap kids: sextortion. I unveil what parents should know so their children don’t become a victim. ------- 19:18 ------ SEX TRAFFICKING: One of the darkest facets of missing people is sex trafficking, and here, I highlight how the community is combatting the issue. Plus, a group of sex trafficking survivors are building a great life for themselves, and we are eager to support them in every way possible. I showcase their new beauty business in a special report. The group was given a grant through KAKE News. I am proud of Missing in Kansas. It’s my brainchild. We’ve had a lot of success, but I’m continuing to push ahead to the future, with bigger storytelling concepts on air and online.
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