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Ohio Board of Pharmacy wants to ban Kratom

WLWT Cincinnati logo WLWT Cincinnati 10/13/2018
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The Ohio Board of Pharmacy wants to ban the herbal supplement Kratom.

If you're not sure what that is, it's an all-natural product that comes from the Kratom plant found in Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia -- and some use it as pain relief.

It can be purchased in several forms including powder, pills and liquid.

Hemptations owner E.R. Beach told WLWT his customers have been requesting Kratom for more than seven years and tell him it helps with anxiety and pain relief.

"We've seen an increase in business. Everyone from veterans that are trying to get off of opiates to people that are trying to use something all natural to help with whatever it is this may help them with," Beach said. "Science hasn't found that it is addictive in any way. But I believe it is giving pain relief to people."

Beach told WLWT while he cannot give his customers any medical advice, they do keep coming back because it works for them.

But the Ohio Board of Pharmacy disagrees. In a report, the board found Kratom does the following:

  1. Has a high potential for abuse.
  2. Has no accepted medical use in treatment in this state.
  3. Lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision.
  4. Poses a risk to the public health of the citizens in this state.

Beach told WLWT the board has no legal authority to lawfully ban Kratom, but it can make a recommendation to the state Legislature to make it illegal.

"If the state of Ohio makes this substance illegal then we won't sell it anymore," Beach said.

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