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Pink Floyd fans came for anti-LGBTQ+ trolls & it was glorious

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"Brain Damage is the PERFECT song for some people on this thread." © Provided by LGBTQNation "Brain Damage is the PERFECT song for some people on this thread."

Anti-LGBTQ+ trolls have been losing their minds after Pink Floyd revealed a new rainbow logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their iconic album, “Dark Side of the Moon.” The rainbow, however, had nothing to do with LGBTQ+ people and instead was a nod to the album’s original cover art, designed before the rainbow flag even became a symbol for queer equality.

But that didn’t stop the outrage, which also led to a slew of liberal fans coming for the critics and dragging them for being “fake fans” who don’t understand what Pink Floyd is all about and who don’t realize the new logo is a reference to the original album cover.

“Imagine being a Pink Floyd fan and not realizing the band has always been progressive,” one user wrote, alongside a photo of a massive trans rights display at a concert by former band member Roger Waters who now has a solo career.

“Imagine if they knew any sort of political ideologies were present in the music,” wrote another fan.

Fans criticized the trolls for having “small minds” and sounding “comfortably dumb.”

“Brain Damage is the PERFECT song for some people on this thread,” said one Facebook commenter, referring to one of the songs on the album.

“I just had gay sex and it is all because of Pink Floyd,” someone else declared.

The discourse got so heated that many liberal fans started commenting fake rants against the rainbow, which has since confused many into not knowing which are real and which are sarcastic.

“Can’t believe Pink Floyd have gone woke,” wrote one sarcastic fan. “From now on the only classic British artists I’m listening to are Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, George Michael, Judas Priest, Morrissey and Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.”

Fans have been having a blast mocking the haters and burying their comments.

“CAN YOU ALL STOP MAKING FUN OF THE BOOMERS?!?” one person wrote. “I came here to read their ignorant comments but I can’t find them under all the ones that are making fun of them!”



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