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See Willie Nelson and 18 more stars over 80 on potential farewell tours

New York Post logo: MainLogo New York Post 2/7/2023 Matt Levy

Some people can’t wait to put in their two weeks as soon as they hit retirement age at 67.

Apparently, quite a few musicians and celebrities didn’t get the memo as they continue to work well into their golden years.

And, after doing a bit of digging, we found 19 (!) stars who are still on the road playing gigs all over North America well into their 80s.

From the spry Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night touring at just 80 years young to 91-year-old spring chicken William Shatner sharing laughs with crowds, many huge names just can’t get enough of the stage.

We’re talking Willie Nelson, Ringo Starr, Smokey Robinson, the list goes on and on.

So, if you want to see these living legends live on their potential final tours, here’s everything you need to know about how to see these 19 senior citizen icons born in the 1930s and 1940s onstage in 2023.

We’ve listed all stars below from oldest to youngest.

William Shatner

91-years-old; born March 22, 1931

Touring from Feb. 9 through March 12

buy tickets to see william shatner Willie Nelson

89-years-old; born April 29, 1933

Touring from Feb. 24 through April 30

buy tickets to see willie nelson Bobby Rush

89-years-old; born Nov. 10, 1933

Touring from Feb. 14 through April 1

buy tickets to see bobby rush Frankie Valli

88-years-old; born May 3, 1934

Touring from Feb. 24 through July 2

buy tickets to see frankie valli Englebert Humperdinck

86-years-old; born May 2, 1936

Touring from Feb. 23 through Oct. 20

buy tickets to see englebert humperdinck Buddy Guy

86-years-old; born July 30, 1936

Touring from Feb. 17 through Oct. 3

buy tickets to see buddy guy

Gordon Lightfoot

84-years-old; born Nov. 17, 1938

Touring from March 13 through Oct. 14

buy tickets to see gordon lightfoot

Smokey Robinson

82-years-old; born Feb. 19, 1940

Touring from March 3 through July 27

buy tickets to see smokey robinson Tom Jones

82-years-old; born June 7, 1940

Touring from May 3 through July 15

buy tickets to see tom jones Ringo Starr

82-years-old; born July 7, 1940

Touring from May 19 through June 17

buy tickets to see ringo starr The Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley

82-years-old; born Sept. 19, 1940

Touring from Feb. 10 through June 29

buy tickets to see the righteous brothers Dionne Warwick

82-years-old; born Dec. 12, 1940

Touring from March 24 through April 8

buy tickets to see dionne warwick The Beach Boys’ Mike Love

81-years-old, born March 15, 1941

Touring from Feb. 21 through July 4

buy tickets to see the beach boys Parliament Funkadelic’s George Clinton

81-years-old, born July 22, 1941

Touring from March 2 through March 4

buy tickets to see parliament funkadelic Chubby Checker

81-years-old; born Oct. 3, 1941

Touring from March 3 through April 2

buy tickets to see chubby checker The Temptations’ Otis Miller

81-years-old; born Oct. 30, 1941

Touring from Feb. 14 through May 21

buy tickets to see the temptations Graham Nash

81-years-old; born Feb. 2, 1942

Touring from April 12 through July 10

buy tickets to see graham nash Robert Klein

81-years-old; born Feb. 8, 1942

Touring from Feb. 22 through March 2

buy tickets to see robert klein Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night

80-years-old; born Sept. 10, 1942

Touring from Feb. 9 through Sept. 30

buy tickets to see three dog night

Steve Miller of the Steve Miller Band and Barry Manilow are both on the cusp; the two stars turn 80 later this year.

Looking to see what other veterans are out there?

Check out our list of the 22 biggest classic rock acts on tour in 2023 here.

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