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All credit belongs to the owners and if needed to be taken down please contact me! ALL UNAIRED DANCES RANKED 1. Dreamer- Mackenzie Ziegler 2. The Animals Know- Brooke Hyland 3. Fragile Forest- Kalani Hilliker 4. Making Me Stronger/Take That- Mackenzie Ziegler 5. Paint The Picture- Brooke Hyland 6. Curiosity- Kendall Vertes 7. The Invaders- Elliana And Maesi 8. Bleeding Out- Kalani Hilliker 9. Wonderland- Areana Lopez 10. Cathedral- Nia Frazier 11. Own It- Jojo Siwa 12. Don't Take Her Away- Kendall And Maddie 13. Unmasked- Kendall Vertes 14. Playing With Matches- Group Dance 15. First Class- Group Dance 16. Disco Dude- Mackenzie Ziegler 17. Make Me Over- Camryn And Nia 18. Earthquake- Mackenzie Ziegler 19. Shine On Me- Ava Cota 20. Women In The Mirror- Nia Frazier
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