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The Talk - Mayim Bialik on 'Call Me Kat,' Jim Parsons and Feline Co-Stars

Mayim Bialik discusses her new show "Call Me Kat," brought to her by producer and former "The Big Bang Theory" co-star Jim Parsons. "We're about a very quirky, unconventional woman who's trying to be happy with the life that she has instead of the life other people think that she should have." Bialik adds, "We have a really beautiful diverse cast... we get along really well and we're just having a really good time... I think that us being at home and delayed because of Covid, it just made us so excited to not be in our homes in pajamas anymore. So, I think that created, kind of, this like extra bond. And also, we were in contact even though we hadn't met. We were in contact about the Black Lives Matter protests that were going on all around the country, like we connected about things really throughout the year until we could start production." On her kitty co-stars, she says, "I love cats. I'm a rad cat lady, not a sad cat lady, which is what we say about the character."
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