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Sharon Osbourne shares more on son Jack's coffee shop attack

Sharon Osbourne opens up about son, Jack's recent attack while getting coffee last week, sharing, "Chaos as usually with the family... He was in Studio City having his morning coffee, answering his emails, 9 o'clock in the morning and suddenly, bam, he got punched in the face. He didn't see it coming... a homeless guy punched him in the face and a guy that Jack was with kicked him in the ribs. So, Jack followed him, called the police and then he pulled a screwdriver on the police. The police tased him and arrested him. And in the interim, a guy came up to Jack and said; 'Why are you having him arrested? He's homeless...' and then said to Jack, 'Oh, but I did see him attack two women last week.'" Sara Gilbert asks, "And Jack's okay?" Sharon responds, "Yes, thank God, yes, he is."

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