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The Talk - Sterling K. Brown on 'Marshall' & Racism Today

Emmy-winning actor Sterling K. Brown opens up about his new movie 'Marshall,' about Young Thurgood Marshall who worked as a lawyer for the NAACP. "It's such a powerful sort of reminder to me as the history of this country and how intrinsically tied racism is in it. It will never go away, but you can't ignore it," explains Brown. "It's only through the discussion and active, sort of, like, recognition that this is something that needs to be addressed that you can actually move forward. So I feel like today, 2017, we tend to think the momentum of society is to always progress... but sometimes it feels for me that we may have taken a step back. But, you know, when you take a look at a movie like this, I hope it jars people to the reality of 'no, we can't go back anymore. It's time to move forward.'"
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