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Duran Duran - "INVISIBLE" (Official Music Video)

Duran Duran - "INVISIBLE" Duran Duran's new single, INVISIBLE is out now: 🎧 PUT YOUR HEADPHONES ON to listen in immersive 360 Reality Audio 🎧 The new album FUTURE PAST is available October 22nd. Pre-order/save: -- The video for the band’s new single, ‘INVISIBLE’, from their forthcoming album, ‘FUTURE PAST’, was created by an Artificial Intelligence called Huxley, a unique dreamer whose ‘mind’ has been modeled after the cognitive and emotional processes of humans. It is the very first collaboration of its kind, between artists in different planes of existence. “INVISIBLE” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect. Huxley was developed by Nested Minds Solutions Producers: Collector Productions, Wendy Laister, and Linc Gasking Editor: Marcus Eriksson Stream “INVISIBLE” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer. Register at the link below to redeem your 3-month free trial! Visit: *Quantities are limited, while supplies last Connect with Duran Duran: INVISIBLE lyrics Invisible invisible invisible invisible Shy one walking by the wall Shy one shadows will not fall Shy one is silently ignored Quiet one discouraged by the noise Quiet one living without choice Quiet one is a life without a voice When you can't even say my name Has the memory gone? Are you feeling numb? Go on, call my name I can't play this game So I ask again Will you say my name? Has the memory gone? Are you feeling numb? Or have I become invisible? Sky light that dreamers wish away Hindsight is falling on my face Highlights the shape of my disgrace When you don't hear a word I say As the talking goes It's a one way flow No fault, no blame Has the memory gone? Are you feeling numb? And have I become invisible? Invisible invisible invisible invisible & no one hears a word they say has the memory gone? are you feeling numb? not a word they say but a voiceless crowd isn't backing down when the air turns red with their loaded hesitation Can you say my name? #DuranDuran #INVISIBLE
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