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14 Money Terms to Learn So You Don’t Retire Broke

Want to outlive your money? Ignore these crucial financial concepts. You hear money jargon everywhere — whether in conversation, online or blaring from the TV and radio. Yet, how many of us know what terms such as APY, expense ratio and index fund actually mean? If confusion over money talk makes you feel dumb, we have a way to get over it. Following is a detailed look at some of the most important money terms. These terms are crucial not only if you want to improve your current financial situation but also if you want to ensure you don’t outlive your savings in retirement. 1. Annual percentage rate (APR) 2. Annual percentage yield (APY) 3. Asset allocation 4. Compound interest 5. Credit score 6. Diversification 7. Exchange-traded fund (ETF) 8. Expense ratio 9. Index funds 10. Inflation 11. Mutual fund 12. Net worth 13. Opportunity cost 14. Rebalancing
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