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5 Reasons You Should Not Delay Retirement

Could you be waiting too long to quit working? Some people view retirement as something to that should be delayed as long as possible. They say that, for many older workers, waiting as long as possible to collect Social Security benefits is the prudent choice. Important as this advice is for many of us, it may not apply to you. If you are financially prepared, there are good reasons to consider retiring at the traditional age of 65, or maybe even sooner. “Time is the most valuable asset anyone can ever have,” Mike Kern, a certified public accountant based in South Carolina, tells Money Talks News. “I would encourage anyone who has the ability and wants to retire early to do so.” There is plenty to see, do and learn in retirement. Many retirees go on to pursue new careers or fulfill lifetime goals they didn’t have time for when they were working. Freed from the burden of a 9-to-5 job, they find that life has many new possibilities. What follows are powerful reasons not to delay your retirement. 1. Delaying Social Security may not be right for you 2. Retirement can lower your housing costs 3. Your good health may not last 4. You want to start a new career 5. You can afford to do it
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