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76% of People Who Don’t Fret Over Money Report Doing This

Want to get rid of money stress? Try this. Want to get rid of stress? You could meditate, count to 10 or simply start a zero-based budgeting system. In fact, 76% of people who use such a system report either no increase in financial stress or a decrease in the level of their financial stress last year, according to a recent survey by YNAB (short for “You Need A Budget”), an app that helps people rein in spending and reach financial goals. In a zero-based budgeting system, you earmark every dollar of your income to different spending categories. For example, someone with a $100 budget might allocate: $50 to food $25 to clothing $15 to toiletries $10 to entertainment Once you have made your allocations, you have “zero dollars” left to spend — hence, the name “zero-based budgeting system.” Someone who wants to spend more in a certain category — say, $30 on clothing — has to reduce spending in one of the other categories. This keeps you out of debt.
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