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ABQ murder rate continues to climb in record cases

KOAT Albuquerque logo KOAT Albuquerque 4/16/2021
a large city landscape: city tries to address abq crime crisis © Provided by KOAT Albuquerque city tries to address abq crime crisis

The homicide rate in Albuquerque continues to climb, as police are investigating another apparent murder in the city Thursday night.

When it comes to violent crime, APD says Montgomery is getting hit especially hard, with multiple homicides since January and multiple shootings.

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The department is now having more officers in the area, working with residents to try and teach them crime prevention tips, and target violent suspects.

"We know and increased presence deters crime when officers are around, people are less likely to commit crime," said APD Chief Harold Medina.

It's not just a stretch of Montgomery where violent crime is an issue.

The city is on its way to the highest murder rate in history. So far this year, there have been at least 35 homicides.

"Unfortunately it's gotten worse and worse," said Nicole Chavez. Her son Jaydon was murdered at a party in 2015. APS said he was an outstanding student and athlete. Since his death, Chavez has been trying to help other families of homicide victims. She is holding a vigil for them next week. She's also inviting city and state leaders.

"It's not a new problem. Unfortunately, I was fighting the same issues five years ago," she said. "We're inviting lawmakers and leaders of this city to the vigil. We're not only doing it to honor all of the victims of homicide but to let them know their loved ones matter. Their loss matters," she said.

The police chief said he is adding more detectives to the homicide unit. Mayor Tim Keller said he will work with state lawmakers to try and address Albuquerque's crime crisis. Chavez said she will be paying attention to see if anything happens to address the crisis.

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