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Accused Syracuse killer jailed again after breaking home confinement, letting ankle bracelet go dead 10/3/2022 Douglass Dowty,
Police respond to a shooting at West Lafayette Avenue and Midland Avenue on Saturday morning. © Patrick Lohmann | plohmann/ Police respond to a shooting at West Lafayette Avenue and Midland Avenue on Saturday morning.

Syracuse, NY ― A Syracuse man, previously ordered to home confinement on a murder charge, is back in jail after leaving home and letting his ankle bracelet go dead last month.

Kenneth Kinsey, 35, is facing a murder trial in the June 2021 shooting death of Bobby Fort Jr. on the city’s South Side. He’d been free on a $200,000 payment to the court when he was charged with drunken driving months later. That’s when a judge ordered him to remain home with an ankle monitor.

But Kinsey has repeatedly broken confinement without notice, previously getting a stern warning for doing so. On Monday, his lawyer Jim Hopkins offered a variety of reasons for his behavior on multiple days:

  • Kinsey was in the music business and needed to promote himself.
  • Kinsey was helping his lawyer doing investigative work for the case.
  • Kinsey was visiting a sick relative.
  • Kinsey was visiting a deceased friend at a cemetery.

State Supreme Court Justice Rory McMahon indicated he was especially concerned about one episode: Kinsey left home and let his ankle bracelet run out of battery, leaving his whereabouts unknown for three hours one afternoon.

“I’m just supposed to ignore these?” McMahon asked the defense lawyer.

Hopkins noted that his client had made all of his court appearances — the underlying reason to set bail — and that his client was having a hard time on home confinement, which the lawyer described as “extremely wearing.”

The evidence in the DWI case — which led to the home confinement — would show that Kinsey was in the passenger seat, not the driver, at the time, Hopkins added.

Hopkins also noted that there had been at least one threat made on Kinsey’s life while in confinement. “He’s a sitting duck,” the defense lawyer said.

Prosecutor Megan Peter asked that Kinsey be held on double the bail amount, while keeping the home confinement condition if he were to bail out again.

That’s what McMahon did, ordering Kinsey back to jail with bail doubled to $1 million cash, $2 million bond or $4 million partially secured bond.

It’s that last option, partially secured bond, that Kinsey had posted the first time he was released. Under state law, such a bail requires the defendant to provide 10% of the bail amount in cash, with the rest due if the defendant fails to come back to court.

In this case, Kinsey’s first bail called for $2 million partially secured bond, which meant he paid $200,000 to the court for his release. Now that it’s doubled to $4 million, he’ll have to come up with another $200,000 to secure his release again until trial.

As long as Kinsey makes all of his court appearances, the money will be returned to him once the case is over, whether he is found guilty or not guilty.

Staff writer Douglass Dowty can be reached at or (315) 470-6070.

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