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Affidavit: Olathe East shooting suspect fired five rounds before being wounded by school SRO

KMBC Kansas City logo KMBC Kansas City 3/18/2022
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Court documents released Wednesday detail what happened in the office of Olathe East High School on the day a school administrator and school resource officer were reportedly shot by an 18-year-old student.

The student accused in this incident, Jaylon Desean Elmore, remains in critical condition at an area hospital after he was reportedly wounded by the school resource officer who returned fire.

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The affidavit, released Wednesday by the Johnson County, Kansas District Court, states Dr. Kaleb Stoppel, the assistant principal wounded in the shooting, was first told by a counselor that a student had been bringing a gun to school.

After speaking with a different student, documents say Stoppel and another assistant principal, Leslie Simons, identified Elmore and escorted Elmore out of shop class and to the office area of the school.

Stoppel reportedly told Elmore that a student reported someone on the bus that morning had a gun, and they were searching everyone involved.

Stoppel told authorities that Elmore was wearing a string backpack on his back at the time, and said he became defensive during questioning, shifting that bag from his back to his front.

The document states Stoppel told authorities he texted school resource officer Erik Clark to come to his office immediately.

Stoppel said after Clark arrived, Elmore reached into the bag, pulled out a gun, and fired about five rounds.

Stoppel said he tried to grab the gun, and both he and Elmore ended up on the floor, with Stoppel on top of Elmore. Stoppel reportedly stayed on top of Elmore until Elmore started vomiting. Stoppel also noted Clark had been shot. Stoppel didn't immediately realize he had also been shot.

Video: Olathe East High School dispatch audio from shooting (KMBC Kansas City)


The affidavit also details what Officer Clark told investigators.

According to the document, Clark said he arrived at the office after he was told that a student with Stoppel may have had a pistol in his backpack. When Clark entered the office, Stoppel asked if he could search Elmore's backpack. Elmore refused to allow Stoppel to look inside the bag.

Clark told investigators he went to intervene and search the bag when Elmore reached into the pack, pulled out a pistol and started firing at Clark.

Clark told investigators that he drew his pistol and shot at Elmore to defend himself.

Simons, the other assistant principal who escorted Elmore out of the class along with Stoppel, and who was in the room at the time of the shooting, told police after Elmore refused to let Stoppel search his bag, Elmore pulled out a green camo-colored handgun, pointed it at Clark, and began to fire at Clark.

Documents state Clark was able to apply a tourniquet to one of his wounds and walked Stoppel and Simons through how to give first aid to Elmore.

Documents state that after the shooting, Clark was able to "secure" the gun reportedly used by Elmore. Investigators noted the firearm was a 9mm "ghost gun." That gun was loaded with 13 9mm rounds, and a spent round was blocking the slide from closing.

Police noted that officers were called to respond to the school after someone called to report a shooting and "shots fired" call from Clark. The first call came into dispatch from 911. Clark was then able to get on his radio and say, "I've been shot."

Stoppel, Clark, and Elmore were all taken to an area hospital for treatment after the shooting. Both Stoppel and Clark were released from the hospital later the same day.

Elmore remained in the hospital in critical condition at the last update. He is due in court for a hearing on Thursday.

His bond is currently set at $1 million.

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