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'Alarming' video shows Mississippi trooper assaulting handcuffed Black man

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By Matthew Chapman

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According to NewsOne, the public is demanding answers after a viral video showed a Mississippi Highway Patrol officer beating a handcuffed Black man on the side of the road.

The video, also reported by WJTV, shows the assault by the unidentified officer on Eugene Lewis of McComb, which is now being looked into by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

"The video runs a little more than five minutes. Packer and Darius Lewis, Eugene’s brothers, can be heard in the background narrating the officer’s actions and exchanging words from time to time. From the video, the two stay back away from the officer and their brother, but they refuse to budge," said the report.

"Despite having handcuffed Eugene, the officer can be seen pulling him down to the ground by his neck and then tossing him into the grass on the side of the road and then jumping on him. All three brothers were arrested, according to local news," said the report. "A statement from McComb’s mayor confirmed the incident involved a Mississippi Highway Patrol."

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McComb Mayor Quordiniah Lockley told WJTV that she was disturbed by the video and she said it warranted an investigation.

“This is alarming that something like this would happen within the city limits of McComb,” Lockley said.

This comes after a series of nationally publicized police brutality incidents against Black men this summer.

Last month in Akron, Ohio, police have launched an investigation into an officer who was caught on video at a police brutality protest, punching a Black man in the head while other officers held his arms. Just a few weeks after that, police in Oakland, Tennessee are accused of an "animalistic" assault of a Black man with batons and tasers in his own home after he allegedly ran a stop sign and didn't pull over for them.

Watch the video below or at this link.


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