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Bombshell! Jury Foreman In Danny Masterson Case Reveals How Inconsistencies In Victims' Testimonies Led To Actor's Mistrial

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The jury foreman in Danny Masterson’s rape trial recently spoke out to explain why the case against the embattled actor ended in a mistrial, has learned.

As previously reported, Masterson’s trial – in which he was accused of forcibly raping three different women between 2001 and 2003 – ended in a mistrial on November 30 after the twelve jury members could not agree on a verdict.

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But the jury foreman in the trial, identified only as Earl, has spoken out to explain that the jury was deadlocked in their verdict decision as a result of “inconsistencies” between the three alleged victim’s testimonies and the evidence presented to the jury throughout the multi-week-long trial.

According to Earl, one particular inconsistency between one victim’s testimony – Jane Doe 1 – and the evidence presented later in the trial included allegations of a gun being involved during the alleged incident.

“One of the main ones that came up was when Jane Doe 1 reported to the police. She talked to the officer and detective, and on both occasions she did not mention a gun,” the jury foreman explained. “In court, she testified that he pulled a gun up and raised it. He never pointed it at her, but he brandished it.”

“And during the testimony by the officer, he said that if the gun was mentioned it would be in his report,” Earl continued. “The detective said the same thing.”

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“So as we went through and all these inconsistent elements of the story came out, jurors were concerned that if you tell two different stories of the same event, one has to be not true.”

During the interview, the jury foreman also cited similar inconsistencies between the other two victims’ testimonies – Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3 – and the evidence presented in connection to their allegations.

For example, according to Earl, Jane Doe 3’s testimony confused the jurors because she both provided “meticulous detail” connected to one incident with Masterson while simultaneously saying she “did not recall” important parts about the same incident.

As for Jane Doe 2, jurors were skeptical about the victim’s testimony in which she claimed Masterson ordered her into his bed shortly after he raped her in the shower. Jane Doe 2 also reportedly claimed she wanted “a romantic evening” with Masterson, and she even called him the day after the alleged rape to ask whether their night together was the beginning of a potential relationship.

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Earl also explained that neither Masterson’s history with the Church of Scientology, nor the nearly 20 years between the alleged incidents and the trial, swayed the jury’s verdicts.

As reported, the trial ultimately ended in a mistrial when the jury was deadlocked in their three verdicts.

For count one, Jane Doe 1, two jurors voted guilty while ten jurors voted not guilty. For count two, Jane Doe 2, for voted guilty while eight voted not guilty. For count three, Jane Doe 3, five voted guilty while seven voted not guilty.

Masterson’s retrial has since been scheduled for March 27, 2023, at which point both the defense and the prosecution will retry their respective arguments in front of a new set of jurors.


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