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Burley child narrowly escapes disaster when being chased by pickup truck

Twin Falls KMVT logo Twin Falls KMVT 7/13/2021 Zach Bruhl
a large lawn in front of a sign: Burley, ID © Provided by Twin Falls KMVT Burley, ID

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — On Friday afternoon in Burley, Nathaneal Wallace was riding his bike when he and a few friends got in what they called a small argument at the skatepark. But what happened next was an escalation no one saw coming.

A Facebook video shows a vehicle chasing down 11-year-old Nathaneal Wallace and his friends after an argument at the skatepark, nearly hitting Wallace as he fled on his bike.

A family who lived near the park saw what was happening and brought Wallace into their house and away from harm.

“They could have just ignored it, went inside, stayed out of it,” Wallace’s mother Cheyeanne Pawson said of the family that helped her son. “Instead, they jumped in, and they probably saved my son’s life and there is no way to thank them for it.”

KMVT asked Wallace what started all this, he said they were in a verbal altercation after colliding with other kids at the skatepark.

They also said they are not sure who the driver of the truck is or how they are connected.

The Cassia County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident.

“To be in a vehicle chasing kids, driving across the lawn would warrant something extremely serious,” said Lieutenant Kevin Horak of the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.

For Wallace and his family, they are left to deal with a harsher reality of the community they live in.

“A missed pedal, a missed foot off the pedal or a rock in the road, you know, and he could have [fallen] over and that truck would have had no time and he would have run him over,” said Cheyanne Pawson.

“It’s just totally uncalled for and I feel like he needs to be apprehended and some sort of punishment,” said Pawson’s husband William, “he needs to be held accountable for his actions.”

The Cassia County Sheriff’s Office asks anyone with more information to contact them immediately.

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