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Car theft caught on camera in neighborhood near The Gulch

WSMV Nashville logo WSMV Nashville 11/23/2021

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A car was stolen from a driveway on Southside Place in The Gulch area of Nashville on Sunday, and it was all caught on camera.

Metro Police is reminding drivers to be more aware when it comes to their vehicles.

“We looked at the Ring doorbell on our front door and saw a man get into my car and drive away with it,” said Brittany Olsen, whose vehicle was stolen from in front of her home.

Olsen checked the Ring camera after she realized Sunday morning her car wasn’t in the driveway. The surveillance video showed the suspect open Olsen’s passenger door of her vehicle, go through it and then walk away.

The suspect later returned, got in Olsen’s car through the driver’s side, started it and drove off. She said she didn’t know her second set of keys were in the car.

“I have a pair of car keys that I had with me inside my house. I wasn’t really sure how they got into my car. I did have two sets. I wasn’t really sure,” said Olsen.

She said her neighborhood isn’t a stranger to car break-ins.

“That same night that my car was stolen, there were multiple vehicles along our street that had been broken into and had some of their belonging taken, some of our neighbors. It hasn’t been the first time it’s happened. We’ve had police here on a few occasions for stolen property out of our vehicles,” said Olsen.

Metro Police said 62 cars were taken last week and that 46 of the cars were easy targets because the keys were left inside.

Police is reminding drivers to lock their cars, secure any valuables and remove keys from the car.

Olsen said what happened to her was scary.

“We have family in town, little kids here. It’s really scary and terrifying. It’s a huge violation of your privacy,” said Olsen. “It’s really frustrating. I mean, obviously, we don’t want to move. We love this location, love being so close to downtown. We’ve talked about all possibly trying to get the neighborhood to do a neighborhood watch.”

While Olsen said the neighborhood contemplates additional steps, she adds police presence might help.

“The police officer that I did speak to say it’s because it’s becoming a hotspot in this neighborhood. They are trying to do what they can to have patrols throughout the night for those hot spot times,” said Olsen. “If they don’t have the ability to have more patrols, just throwing in one of those surveillance cameras just to have a presence might help. I’m not sure what’s feasible.”

Olsen posted the Ring camera footage on Instagram asking people for help to find her car.

“I resorted to posting my video on social media to see if we could get any leads that way and I found a friend of a friend who messaged me on Instagram,” said Olsen. “The beauty of social media that they thought the car in my video looked like their car that had been stolen I believe the same evening and turns out it was.”

She said police reached out to her after they recovered the key fob to her car in another stolen car.

“They wanted to verify that they were my keys, so they had me describe what my keys look like and what condition my key fob was in,” said Olsen.


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