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Crews respond to gas truck explosion, fire in Bloomfield, Mo.

Paducah-Cape Girard KFVS-TV 9/29/2022 Amber Ruch, Jeffrey Bullard

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. (KFVS) - Crews were on the scene of a gas truck explosion in southeast Missouri on Wednesday afternoon, September 28.

According to Sgt. Clark Parrott with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, troopers responded to C-Mart in Bloomfield.

He said the only known injury at this time is the driver, who sustained minor injuries.

Parrott said the fire started from the truck and saddle tanks and spread to the holding tanks for the gas station.

Fire personnel remain on scene.

Authorities say it happened around 2 p.m. The blast could be heard by people all around the area.

“Sat down on my bed, just sat down for a minute, I was going to go back outside and start raking these rocks, and that was it,” said Lora Popp, a Bloomfield resident. “Well, we heard a big boom and we actually thought someone had hit the house, you know, like a wreck. Come out and, man, it was blazing.”

“I just got scared because I thought that a car hit the restaurant because everything’s shaking and if you must be something really strong, you know,” said Nander Vinny Ferro Silva, Brisas employee and Bloomfield resident.

Both Popp and Silva said they’re happy the fire didn’t spread to their homes.

The employees inside the C-Mart gas station said they are all safe, as well.

Crews responded to a gas truck explosion and fire at C-Mart in Bloomfield, Mo.

Crews responded to a gas truck explosion and fire at C-Mart in Bloomfield, Mo.
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According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, Route 25 in Bloomfield was closed, but has since reopened.

Parrott said troopers opened Highway 25, Highway J and Highway E.

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