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Dermatologists Recommend These Foods for Healthier Hair

Dermatologists Recommend These Foods for Healthier Hair. According to Alan J. Bauman, a hair restoration physician at Bauman Medical Group in Florida, there’s a lot of science behind healthy hair. . Hair follicle cells are some of the most metabolically active and have amongst the highest cell turnover rate in the body … If you’re deficient in the basic nutritional building blocks like protein, your body won’t produce healthy hair, Alan J. Bauman, via 'Country Living'. Here are 10 foods recommended by dermatologists that will help boost your hair health. 1. Nuts. 2. Fatty Fish. 3. Oysters. 4. Spinach. 5. Eggs. 6. Beans. 7. Sweet Potatoes. 8. Grass-Fed Beef. 9. Greek Yogurt. 10. Bell Peppers
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