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Family says feeding accident led to Kyair Thomas' death

WSYX – Columbus 1/30/2023 Rodney Dunigan
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The family of Kyair Thomas is feeling heartbreak as police and loved ones confirmed that the baby passed away early Sunday morning. 

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In December, Kyair was found at the Dayton airport hours after a car he and his twin brother Kason, found later in Indianapolis, were in was stolen- a story that caught the attention of people across the country.

There was so much joy when Kyair and Kason Thomas were finally reunited late last year after they were abducted, but Sunday was a devastating turn of events with word of Kyair's passing.

The family reached out to ABC 6 explaining Kyair's death was an accident.

"I am like in a state of shock for real. I literally, I really am. I am devastated I'm hurt," Wilma Booker, the aunt of the mother of the twins said.

Booker said that the family is devastated and still trying to come to terms with Kyair's death.

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The family told ABC 6 that the mother of the twins, Wilhelmina Barnett has been rocked by all of this

"She's doing really bad right now," Booker said. "While I wasn't exactly right there when it happened, my kids were there. Momo (the twins' mother's nickname) was feeding the babies, and one of them started choking on the milk and that's what happened. She immediately called 911, trying to do chest compression and CPR things to get the baby back at that time. It was just like an accident that happened from feeding the babies and that was it."

Columbus Police were called to the family's home for a medical emergency. Paramedics and doctors did all they could, but it wasn't enough.

Loved ones can't believe something like this could happen after all the family has gone through.

"I just want people to know that Momo is a really good mom," Booker said. "She loves her babies. I don't want people to judge her like they did last time. I just want that to be known. I'm like in a state of shock for real, I'm devastated, I'm hurt for Momo. I'm hurt for Chaz the father, I'm hurt for Kason his twin brother because he is a twin, but I’m mostly, mostly, mostly, mostly, worried about Wilhelmina. She's been through so much in the way of social media and everybody has been treating her. I just don't want her to take a toll on her and want her to keep being the great mom that she is.".

ABC 6 was at Nationwide Children's Hospital not long after Kyair's arrival there. Investigators were gathering information and the family was simply trying to come to terms with it all.

Police say the investigation into what happened is ongoing.

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