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Fireworks may be to blame for house explosion

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A house explosion rocked one neighborhood near Union Cemetery on Wednesday.

Milwaukee Police said they suspect fireworks were the cause, but have not yet confirmed that.

The explosion blew out the walls of the house, leaving it in ruins.

WISN 12 was on scene as the Milwaukee Bomb Squad was investigating.

WISN 12's Caroline Reinwald talked to people who were inside the house during the explosion, one of whom still had blood on his arms from his son, who he said went to the hospital with serious injuries.

"I dozed off on the couch, heard an explosion and heard my son call out my name," said Ernest Jones, who was in the other room when the explosion went off. "I go in there to get him, his body is all, skin is all peeled off his body. Face bloody. The roof fell in from the kitchen, blow the refrigerator door off the refrigerator. It was a mess."

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Jones said he did not know what caused the explosion, but that it could have been fireworks because they had a big 4th of July celebration at the house.

Juan Castellano, who lives in the basement of the house and is handicapped from two strokes, said he was home during the explosion.

"I don't know. I was half asleep watching TV and all of a sudden I heard the explosion. I sat still and when I realize that there was a lot of smoke, I moved," Castellano said in Spanish. "I said no, you got to go, and I ran outside."

The Red Cross confirmed four adults are receiving emergency assistance from the incident.

Neighbors told WISN 12 many fireworks had been launched out of the house.

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