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Hear Kenneth Walker, LMPD officer describe what happened night Breonna Taylor died

WLKY Louisville logo WLKY Louisville 5/22/2020
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While there are still many questions surrounding what happened the night Breonna Taylor died, newly released police interviews are providing more insight.

On Friday, Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine spoke about the state's case against Kenneth Walker, Taylor's boyfriend.

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Walker is accused of firing his gun that night and striking a police officer, Sgt. John Mattingly. Walker was indicted for attempted murder of a police officer in March.

Wine said Friday that his office will request the case be dismissed for now, as he thinks additional investigation needs to be done by the FBI, the Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney's office.

To clear up some misconceptions about the case and refute some of what Walker's attorney has alleged, Wine played audio recordings of interviews LMPD investigators conducted with both Walker and Mattingly the night of the incident.

In the first recording, Walker says he and Taylor were in bed the night of March 13 when they heard someone banging on the door.

"It's like doom, doom, doom, doom doom doom!" Walker said. He explains that Taylor began yelling, asking who was at the door, but there was no answer. Both Walker and Taylor got out of bed, got dressed and had just stepped into the hallway when Walker says someone busted down the front door. He says he fired one shot and then heard Taylor screaming as more shots were fired.

Hear Walker's account of what happened that night here:

One focus of this case has been conflicting information about whether officers knocked on Taylor's door and announced themselves as police before they entered her apartment. LMPD has said officers did knock and identified themselves as police. Attorneys for Taylor's family have said according to neighbors, that isn't true.

Wine said in the audio recordings, Walker is heard stating that officers did knock on the door. Although, at the time, Walker did not know they were officers.

Listen to why Walker said he fired his gun here:

Wine said there has been a flurry of misinformation surrounding this case, including reports that Walker called 911 before police entered Taylor's apartment. During his interview with police, Walker said he called his mother, 911 and Taylor's mother after police entered and shots were fired.

Hear more about those phone calls here:

Another bit Wine wanted to clear up was why Taylor was ever considered a suspect. He said that happened because immediately following the shooting, police asked Walker who shot at them and he said it was Taylor. A PIU investigation quickly found that Walker was actually the shooter. He then explained to police why he said that.

Listen to his explanation:

On Friday, Wine also provided audio from the police interview conducted with Sgt. Jon Mattingly the night of the raid. Mattingly said he and his fellow officers knocked on Taylor's door multiple times but no one answered. They continued knocking, he said, but when it became clear no one was answering, they broke down the door. Mattingly describes walking into the apartment, turning down the hall and being met with gunfire. He said he could feel a bullet hit his leg and he fired multiple shots in return. Mattingly said he was hit in the femoral artery.

Hear Sgt. Mattingly's account of what happened here:

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