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How much did Alex Murdaugh spend on defense at double murder trial? Court documents shed some light

WJCL 3/25/2023 Brooke Butler
alex murdaugh © Associated Press alex murdaugh

There is a clearer picture as to just how much money it took to defend Alex Murdaugh at his double murder trial.

The disgraced attorney was convicted earlier this month in the killings of his wife and son on their property in June 2021.

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Below file video: Watch the moment Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison

According to court documents, it cost roughly $700,000. But that's only a conservative estimate.

The $700,000 does not include any compensation for legal services preparing the case for trial.

Murdaugh's defense team consisted of four attorneys, two paralegals and support staff.

Below file video: Alex Murdaugh's attorneys plan for appeal after verdict

Murdaugh's defense attorneys recently filed a motion asking the court for $160,000 to be transferred from an escrow account. This is so they can pay for attorneys fees to appeal his recent murder convictions.

They say the money from the escrow account is legitimate and not in any way tied to his many alleged financial crimes.

Attorney Justin Bamberg, who represents one of Murdaugh's alleged victims from the financial crimes, said, "None of Alex's money is "untainted" in my opinion.. based on his admissions during his murder trial. I also don't believe him not being allowed to take money that could go to his victims for himself instead violates his constitutional rights. To the contrary, Alex getting that money to fight an appeal only victimizes his victims once again..."

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