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Inglewood's attorney tries to price gouge treasurer on legal fees logo: MainLogo 7/29/2022

INGLEWOOD – The law firm of Miller Barondess is seeking excessive legal fees from the city’s treasurer in an ongoing matter between the City and its long-time treasurer.

Wanda Brown brought a lawsuit against the City after the council retaliated against her for publicly discussing the city’s finances and an overpayment made to a city vendor.

The City prevailed in some areas of their fight against Brown’s claims, which has her liable for reasonable attorney fees.

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Miller Barondess seeking reimbursement of legal fees in the hourly range of $795-$975 which far exceeds the amounts in their existing contract with the City.

Miller Barondess has a multi-year agreement with Inglewood and had its rates increased to $450 – $550 per hour for “broad ranging legal advice, guidance, representation, and services” under Agreement No. 18-118 which was approved in February 2019.

The court notes “rates and amounts stated on Miller Barondess’ invoices were redacted”. The total amount they are requesting is in excess of $123,000.

Brown’s attorney’s state the billing records only indicate they performed six hours of service on her lawsuit.

“The defendants [City} are improperly claiming fees for work done on their separate, unrelated demurrer…and are seeking fees in excess of what they actually incurred given the contract between Inglewood and Miller Barondess law firm sets an hourly limit”.

Miller Barondess is representing the City in matters related to the mayor’s ex-aide’s lawsuit, and one pending from an LAPD motor officer and his wife who are seeking damages after the mayor slammed into the officer while he was sitting stationary in front of USC.

Miller Barondess is also the counsel of record for LA County in several high profile matters including an ongoing lawsuit involving photos taken at the scene of a helicopter crash involving Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and several others.

Most if not all of these cases could have been settled, however, it appears Miller Barondess is more interested in their billable hours as opposed to being careful stewards of taxpayers money.

Both Inglewood and LA County continue to evade public records requests to release billing details for costs incurred at taxpayers expense.

The CIty and Brown will be back in court on this matter September 13.


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