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Karen Bass caught misrepresenting the truth about her USC application logo: MainLogo 10/22/2022

Karen Bass is digging herself a deeper hole after releasing a document which she alleged was her application for a graduate degree at the USC school for social work that is attached to an ongoing federal probe of Los Angeles Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas. The document wasn’t signed and wasn’t for a graduate degree. Did she not think folks were gonna investigate it?

One Twitter user responded “Rep Bass has disingenuously submitted to KNX a limited status student application for those who do not wish to formally apply for USC admission. It is NOT an application for admission nor a financial aid application. And financial aid is NOT available to limited status students.”

The Los Angeles Times has endorsed Bass despite their ongoing coverage of the scandal as the former dean of the school has plead guilty to federal bribery charges when she “did the same” for then County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ son Sebastian, when she gave him a scholarship for a degree and teaching job that he wasn’t qualified to receive.

The misrepresentation of the truth is dicey as the federal investigation explicitly refers to an email from Flynn where she discusses “doing the same for MRT that she did for Karen Bass” for funds.

Rick Caruso has maintained Bass got the scholarship in exchange for favorable votes after she was elected to Congress. It was reported USC also contributed financially to CoCoSouthLA, a nonprofit founded by Bass.

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The Times dug a little deeper and found that Bass received the scholarship BEFORE she filed an official full-length application with the school.

The Bass application — which is undated and unsigned — specifically says she had not applied to the master’s in social work program but planned to at a later date, indicating that when she began her coursework in 2012, she lacked formal admission.

The document shows that when Bass was offered a full scholarship in 2011 by USC’s social work dean, it was before she had been accepted into the social work master’s program, an unusual sequence of events that raises questions about preferential treatment for an elected official.

USC offered Karen Bass scholarship before she was admitted to social work school, records show

Then it gets worse. Bass waited nearly a decade before she put the scholarship “gift” valued at $95,000 on required campaign filings.

The full value of her scholarship was not disclosed on her congressional filings until 2019, when she added tens of thousands of dollars of previously undeclared funds related to the award to past years’ filings. Bass attributed the erroneous filings to a former staffer.

Bass is heavily supported by union labor organizations across Los Angeles County that are now in the midst of a scandal where they were found to be in cahoots to suppress minority representation in elected seats.

Despite all of this, the Los Angeles Times endorsed Karen Bass and has given no indication that they will pull their endorsement from her.

One thing the recordings detailed, in the leaked audio of a conversation between three Los Angeles City Council members and a former union head is that you have to build “consensus” to move the needle on who is supported for which seat, and you can’t do that without the full support of the newspaper of record, who endorsed both Mark Ridley-Thomas and Karen Bass who are knee deep in a federal scandal.

They are running the same play in the Sheriff’s race and residents need to wake up and see the handwriting on the wall.

Bass and her campaign declined to comment to the Times when asked to release her ”application” to them.

Has Bass just guaranteed herself a federal indictment too?

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