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Man comes to aid of 14-year-old boy shot in crossfire outside Riverdale, Md. laundromat

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Man comes to aid of 14-year-old boy shot in crossfire outside laundromat in Riverdale, Md.
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A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after being caught in the crossfire of a shootout in Prince George's County Tuesday evening.

He was leaving a laundromat in Riverdale with his mom when he was hit by gunfire.

A glimpse of the shooting was captured on a security camera. The grainy video shows two people firing wildly. 

Caption: Video showing part of the crossfire and shooters running in Riverdale, Md. when a nearby 14-year-old boy was shot.{{ }}

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More than 30 shots, likely aimed at a group gathered outside a convenience store along 66th Ave. in Riverdale but instead hitting a 14-year-old boy helping his mom with the family’s laundry. 

 A man who identified himself as John says he was at work when he heard the shots. He called 911 and then ran outside where he found the injured child. 

“It was difficult to see, especially he’s so young,” John said.

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John used a towel to apply pressure to the boy’s wounds and he tried to help the distraught mom who had just watched her son get shot. 

“And like she was just shaking for the next like hour, hour and a half. She was just shaking,” he said, “She couldn’t really process what happened.”

The shooting happened last night at about 6:15 on the same day a 13-year-old was caught carrying a loaded ghost gun in Isaac Gourdine Middle School, the same day County Executive Angela Alsobrooks begged the community to end the violence. 

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“It cannot go any further. It really can’t. we can’t take any more of this,” said Alsobrooks.

The actual stats show the recent surge in shootings is unrelenting. So far this year in Prince George’s County there have been 132 people shot. That is exactly the same number as last year on this date. The number killed is down with 45 murders compared to 63 at this time last year.

But one day after holding a towel to a child’s gunshot wound John from the laundromat says it's all just too much. 

“It’s like it hurts me to see all of this,” says John, “And on top of that you have kids who think they need to walk around with guns to be safe. Like no one should have to grow up in that type of environment where they think they gotta be armed like that.”

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