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Megyn Kelly ‘f–king sick’ of calls to ban guns after Nashville shooting: ‘They’re not going away’

New York Post logo: MainLogo New York Post 3/29/2023 Ariel Zilber

Megyn Kelly slammed calls for gun control following Monday’s mass shooting at a Nashville school which left six people, including three children, dead.

“Three nine-year-olds were shot down yesterday by one sick person in addition to the three school administrators,” Kelly said during Tuesday’s episode of her SiriusXM podcast.

“There’s something wrong with our society and I for one am f–king sick of the knee jerk — ‘It’s the guns. Get the guns’,” Kelly said.

“We have 330 million guns, maybe over 400 million by some counts in America.”

She continued: “They’re not going away. We could do an assault weapons ban tomorrow.”

“They’re not going away. All right? We have to take a serious, honest look at what’s wrong with us.”

Kelly said that instead of focusing on guns, people should “figure out what made this person crack.”

“But we go through this every time,” she said.

© Provided by New York Post Megyn Kelly criticized calls for stricter gun laws in the wake of Monday’s mass shooting in Nashville.YouTube/Megyn Kelly © Provided by New York Post Classmates at Covenant School in Nashville remember the victims of Monday’s shooting.AFP via Getty Images

“We try to figure out the issues that led to this person to do it or that person to do it, and then we change nothing. Okay?”

“We change nothing.”

Kelly said that the solution may be to “make it easier to civilly commit people” to institutions, particularly those who are “showing signs, red flags, that they may be the next school shooter.”

The shooter has been identified as 28-year-old Audrey Hale.

© Provided by New York Post Six people were killed on Monday when a former student armed with assault rifles entered the school and opened fire.AFP via Getty Images © Provided by New York Post Police have yet to say what the motive for the shooting at Covenant School was.Metro Nashville Police Departmen/AFP via Getty Images

According to authorities, Hale stormed into the Covenant School, a Presbyterian private school in Nashville, and opened fire, killing three adults and three nine-year-old children.

Police who responded to the scene fatally shot Hale.

Investigator said that they found a stockpile of guns as well as a manifesto at Hale’s home in Nashville. The contents of the manifesto have yet to be revealed.

Authorities believe, Hale, a former student at Covenant, planned the attack as well as others.


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