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Meridian mom arrested at park during Covid seeks case dismissal

KBOI Boise 9/21/2022 CBS2 News Staff
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It's been two years, and a Meridian mother is still fighting an arrest after taking her kids to a park during Covid restrictions.

Sara Walton Brady's arrest at Meridian's Kleiner Park in April 2020 went viral and sparked protests.

Police issued her a trespassing charge after telling her to leave several times.

Since then, her trial has been delayed two previous times. Once due to Covid restrictions.

Walton Brady and her attorney spoke to CBS2 News after today's hearing.

All along, she's maintained her innocence and is now fighting for principle.

"At the end of the day I didn’t break the law, and I’m defending myself. Even though the State of Idaho has offered a 50-dollar ticket if I plead guilty. The thing is, at the end of the day, my innocence isn’t worth 50 dollars to me. It’s worth a lot more than that,” Walton Brady said.

Today, her attorney Seth Diviney, said the judge seemed receptive to their argument.

We made some arguments about the constitutionality of the charges, and whether or not they involve free speech. And sufficient notice for Sara to know what she’s on the hook for," Diviney said.

Walton Brady says she's spent more than $25,000 and is still not sure how the court will decide.

"You know, honestly, after two years I have stopped having expectations. You know the justice system to me represents the injustice system. I’m still waiting, I would like to have my day in court," Walton Brady said.

A judge is expected to rule on her motion in about a month.

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