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Oklahoma legislators sign letter to attorney general for new hearing in Richard Glossip case

KOCO Oklahoma City 8/9/2022
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Oklahoma legislators have signed a letter to the attorney general for a new hearing in the Richard Glossip case.

More than 60 Republicans and Democratic legislators have signed a letter to the state attorney general’s office asking for a new hearing in the Richard Glossip case. They said new evidence could prove he’s innocent.

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Glossip is scheduled for execution on Sept. 22, after a murder conviction in 1997.

The lawmakers said there’s enough evidence to get Glossip out of jail altogether. They said it’s evidence that juries never saw back in the 1990s.

Now, they’re waiting on the attorney general’s decision.

"What we’re asking the Attorney General to do, is just please let this be heard one more time," said Rep. Kevin McDugle, House District 12.

McDugle has spearheaded an effort to take another look at the case of Glossip. With 61 signatures from both sides of the aisle, lawmakers want a new evidence hearing in the death-row inmate’s case.

"I believe if he gets that new trial, he’ll walk away a free man," McDugle said.

In the letter to the attorney general’s office, those lawmakers pointed to an independent investigation done by a law firm in Texas, which listed flawed interrogations and even missed evidence.

Specifically, there is a surveillance video that an officer claimed he put into evidence.

"It’s disappeared. No one knows where it’s at. It has not officially been destroyed, but it was put into evidence," McDugle said.

The letter said, in part, "The report concluded that no reasonable juror who heard all the evidence would find Mr. Glossip guilty."

The letter goes on to say, "We believe it is vitally important to conduct a serious review of the new evidence."

Glossip was convicted for organizing the death of motel owner Barry Van Treese, who was Glossip’s boss at the time.

“We’ve got sworn affidavits from people that say that Justin Snead told them he was throwing Richard Glossip under the bus, because he thought he was a snitch, not because he really did those things,” McDugle said.

Justin Sneed was convicted of carrying out the murder.

"The majority on that letter, at least the Republican side — are still pro-death penalty, but we also want to make sure in Oklahoma, that if we put someone to death, they’re guilty of the murder," McDugle said.

KOCO 5 was told the attorney general’s office has until the end of Aug. 11 to make a decision on the appeal. The Court of Criminal Appeals will make its decision sometime before Glossip’s execution date, which is Sept. 22.

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