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Sea of Thieves Season Two: Official Content Update Trailer

Plot a course for Sea of Thieves Season Two! 💀 New World Event: Fort of Fortune 📔 New Emissary Ledger Rewards 📦 Buyable Resource Crates 🗺 Emissary Trade Routes 💯 100 levels of rewards 🕵️‍♀️ Barrel Disguise Emote 💰 Pirate Emporium refresh ☠ And more! Learn more about the fresh challenges and features awaiting bold buccaneers: Exercise your Merchant Alliance-rivalling diligence by delving into the full release notes here: ---------------------------------------- 00:00 - Sea of Thieves Season Two has arrived! 00:11 - YOU CAN BUY SOME PLANKS. 00:32 - Spend money, make money (maybe). 01:00 - New Fancy Emissary Rewards! 01:21 - The Fort of Fortune Beckons... 01:56 - Skeleton Captain purses 02:05 - 100 more levels of Renown and rewards! 02:24 - Sneaky shenanigans... 02:37 - Earn more with the Plunder Pass. 02:52 - Knife tricks and Dark Warsmiths in the Emporium. 03:11 - SET SAIL! ---------------------------------------- Sea of Thieves Merch: ----------------------------------------- Buy the game and forge your own legend: Dive into the Sea of Thieves Forums: Follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter: Like Sea of Thieves on Facebook: Soak up Sea of Thieves sunsets on Instagram: Talk Sea of Thieves on Discord: Live your best pirate's life with us on TikTok: Xbox Live Gold required to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (sold separately).
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