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Soros-funded DA accused of abusing grand jury process in charging police officer with murder

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 7/22/2022 Christopher Tremoglie
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty charged radical left-wing Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner on Wednesday with "a potential abuse of the grand jury process" in his quest to indict former Philadelphia police officer Ryan Pownall on a charge of murder.

Pownall shot David Jones in June 2017 during a traffic stop.

On June 8, 2017, Pownall initially stopped Jones for illegally riding a dirt bike in the city. During the stop, an altercation ensued in which Pownall and Jones engaged in a physical confrontation. Pownall allegedly felt a gun on Jones. Jones then reportedly resisted arrest and started running. According to reports, Pownall fired his gun at Jones, and two bullets hit him, one from 10 feet away and another from 35 feet away.

Pownall was charged with third-degree murder in 2018.

Krasner attempted to prosecute by skirting a statute stating that a police officer is "justified in using deadly force only when he believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself or such other person," Big Trial reported. The law stipulated that a police officer must feel "force is necessary to prevent the arrest from being defeated by resistance or escape" or that the suspect "has committed or attempted a forcible felony or is attempting to escape and possesses a deadly weapon."

That is precisely what transpired, according to detectives who investigated the shooting for the Philadelphia Police Department. Yet Krasner sought to indict him anyway.

Dougherty believed the Soros-funded district attorney abused his authority in the case against Pownall. In a concurring opinion, Dougherty claimed that Krasner's office was motivated by "a win-at-all-cost office culture" that "treats police officers differently than other criminal defendants."

Additionally, Dougherty wrote in his opinion that Krasner violated his duty to be a "minister of justice" and instead went on a personal crusade.

During his left-wing reformation of Philadelphia's criminal justice system, Krasner has made it a habit of going easy on the bad guys and showing a lack of empathy and concern for the innocent and those trying to protect them. He has routinely vilified anyone who runs counter to his political ideology and endeavors.

"This is the antithesis of what the law expects of a prosecutor," Dougherty wrote. A district attorney is supposed to be a "minister of justice,” not an agenda-driven, abusive legislator.

If Pownall is guilty, the case's facts will reveal it. There's no need for Krasner to take aggressive and illegal action against him, especially when he does not show the same vigor in prosecuting actual criminals who prey on Philadelphians. Krasner's policies have resulted in a record number of violent crimes in the city. The district attorney is supposed to be an unbiased prosecutor who protects the innocent, not an out-of-control, power-hungry tyrant.


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