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Starving Family Fearful When Cops Find Them Living In Woods, Officers Do Something Else 10/3/2022 Amy P
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After falling on hard times, Shannon Loveless and her family were forced to live out of their van in Sacramento, California.

For four months, they had nowhere to go and turned to food banks for meals.

Sometimes, the Loveless family would even camp out in the woods behind the local Walmart. While they were there, they would scrounge for food and sleep on the hard ground.

Then one day, two police officers changed their fate.

One day, Shannon was making lunch for her three kids when two deputies, Tim Yee and Johnny Le, curiously came upon them.

Shannon assumed she was about to be in trouble and told to leave the premises, since she says police officers have never really treated her and family kindly before.

But the deputies had quickly noticed the kids were dirty and hungry, and it shook them to the core.

Nothing prepared Shannon for what the two deputies did next. They didn't just return with garbage bags full of food, toys, and clothing.

They completely restored this family's faith in humanity.

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