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Walmart chicken eater arrested again for theft

KFDX Wichita Falls logo KFDX Wichita Falls 8/17/2022 Larry Statser
Walmart chicken eater arrested again for theft © Provided by KFDX Wichita Falls Walmart chicken eater arrested again for theft

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) - A man whose last arrest was for allegedly snacking on deli popcorn chicken while shopping at Walmart is back in jail after police said he scaled a tall fence topped with barbed wire to steal metal and tubing.

Stefan Shaffer, 31, is charged with theft, burglary of a vehicle and theft of metal material.

On July 31, the owner of a heating and air conditioning business on Kell West received a notification of activity inside the property that is enclosed by a tall chain link fence with a cover and rolled barbed wire on top.

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The live video showed a man inside the enclosure.

When an employee arrived, he said the man was inside the enclosure, and when the man saw him, the man climbed over the fence and jumped to the ground, then ran and got in the passenger seat of a Dodge pickup driven by a white female and fled the scene.

Police found several pounds of copper tubing, a drill, keys to a work van and other items piled outside the fence.

Three hours later, police were called by the owner of the pickup about a man named Stefan Shaffer harassing him.

Another person there said they had been driving Shaffer around in the pickup, and they had gotten into an argument and left Shaffer somewhere.

That person said they earlier dropped Shaffer off at the air conditioning business and saw him climb back over the fence and run to the truck, and they drove off.

Surveillance video identified Shaffer as the man inside the business and going into the work van to take items.

Ten days before this incident, Shaffer was arrested at the Lawrence Road Walmart after security staff said he got popcorn chicken from the deli and ate it as he shopped. They said he paid for some other items and discarded the empty chicken container.

A year earlier, he was arrested at the same Walmart with a female when police said he tried to pay for $663 of merchandise with an American Express card, and after it was rejected twice, he tried to walk out with the basket.

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In June 2022, he pleaded guilty to theft of a car the previous summer.

The owner said his 2020 Buick Encore was taken from his driveway, and when he got an alert his debit card was being used and rejected, he went to that store and saw his car in the parking lot with a male and female in it.

He said he yelled at them and they took off. He followed them and found his car abandoned in a church parking lot.

Police said they identified Shaffer from surveillance video at the store.

Shaffer’s first arrest was in 2015, when police said six Wichita Falls ISD buses were vandalized with $12,000 damage.

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