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West Nashville neighborhood frustrated by suspicious man

WSMV Nashville logo WSMV Nashville 10/23/2021

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Neighbors in a West Nashville neighborhood are frustrated after saying a suspicious man roamed through their community this week and scared kids there.

Homeowners on Bresslyn Drive said it is just the latest incident in a string of problems. Neighbors said that they were terrified by what happened and said it was not an isolated incident. It was a scary afternoon for 14-year-old Easom Calfee.

“I was doing my homework and just so happened to look outside the window, and that is when I saw him running through,” Easom said.

A suspicious man darted through his backyard in the middle of the day.

“I was scared,” Easom said. “I called my mom. I wanted to tell her.”

Neighbors said the man went through several peoples’ yards and possibly entered homes.

“My husband came home at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday to a wide-open back door,” neighbor Amanda Gansberger said.

Neighbors said he was wandering around for at least an hour. Some even confronted him.

“It was frank and forward,” a concerned homeowner said. “I told him that he was not where he needed to be and shouldn’t continue coming my way.”

Metro Police said workers found the guy in a home under construction. While he alarmed neighbors, he was not armed. He didn’t steal anything, and nothing was damaged. However, neighbors said it is part of a larger problem.

“It is not the first or third time this has happened,” the concerned homeowner said.

They believe homeless people from Brookmeade Park, a little more than a mile away, come into their neighborhood and cause issues. They said it had gotten worse in the past few years. Gansberger said her home was broken into just a couple of months ago.

“We are at risk, and our children are at risk,” Gansberger said.

The city said they are addressing concerns at Brookmeade. The city said that 20 people sheltering there are scheduled to be moved to the city’s mobile housing navigation center. The city has housed more than 500 homeless people this year alone.

We are not identifying the man because he was not charged with anything Wednesday. Still, police said he has a history of theft and burglary.

Police gave neighbors the option to press trespassing charges, but no one did. Instead, police said they gave him a ride to the Walmart near Brookmeade Park.


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