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What is it? Ring videos capture lighted object flying through air over Hartwell, Keowee lakes

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ULocal Ring Video early morning light © ULocal Ring Video ULocal Ring Video early morning light

With cameras everywhere, it's hard for anything to go unnoticed these days, and the video they produce often raises questions.

That was the case this week when some WYFF News 4 viewers shared their Ring security videos with us.

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One was a uLocal member who was looking over video from his camera set up at a dock on Lake Hartwell and found something interesting flying through the air.

The member, who didn't leave a name, said the video was captured Thursday at 4:11 a.m.

The member said the lighted object looks a lot like a drone, "but who flies drones at 4 a.m.?" the member asked.

They also said the object did not make any noise, as a drone would.

The member also noted "no reindeer" were seen on the video.

Earlier this week, on Monday, Doug Coghlan, of BuildKeowee, sent us his Ring video, with the same type of object flying through the air.

Coghlan said he was on vacation when his Ring alarm went off at 7:46 a.m.

He said it first appeared like someone was walking from his driveway down to his dock.

"However, upon further investigation, it is 6 orbs of light that absolutely should not be there," Coghlan said.

"We live in complete darkness on Lake Keowee," Coghlan said. "I sent video to all my friends who are familiar with my home and they say it does look like its walking down to my dock. It's not human."

If you think you know what it is, leave a comment on our Facebook post.

If you have an interesting photo or video, upload it to uLocal by clicking here.


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