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Woman Claps Back at Man Calling Her 'Too Pretty' to Date Black Men

Newsweek 4/7/2022 Matt Keeley
TikTokker @lildaidaii said a man followed her while she tried to work for hours, ultimately telling her she was too pretty to date Black men. © Nicole Taionescu/Getty TikTokker @lildaidaii said a man followed her while she tried to work for hours, ultimately telling her she was too pretty to date Black men.

A woman put a man in his place after he said she was "too pretty" to date Black men in a viral clip.

The clip, posted by @lildaidaii has been seen over 235,000 times since it was posted Wednesday. She says the man confronted her while she was working at Walmart, and was attempting to convince her to date him. In the caption, she describes the incident as "disgusting."

"I have never been so uncomfortable in my life bro. Ever. My fear of men stems from situations like this," @lildaidaii wrote.

In the clip, @lildaidaii and the man have a conversation about his comment that she was "too pretty" for her Black boyfriend. In the on-screen caption she says that the man was holding on to her cart so she couldn't leave.

"Next time, for future reference, if you're going to hit on somebody, don't assume the race of the person that they're with. Not only that, but don't tell them that they're too pretty for somebody just because of the color their skin. That's not okay at all. Black is very beautiful. Very, very beautiful. My boyfriend, he's Black. He's a beautiful man. My children, they're Black. They're very beautiful. And the color of their skin has absolutely nothing to do with it. I truly believe that who you are as a person on the inside shows it all," she said.


"Well, I'm too pretty to finish this conversation, and I'm trying to work and I'm being timed—so you have a wonderful day," she adds, closing the conversation.

In a follow-up video, @lildaidaii explains more about the situation. She says the man had been following her around for two hours while she was trying to work. He would push his cart to the end of the aisle to watch her, she says, but when she would look at him, he'd pull his cart away.

After a multiple iterations of this, the man finally approached her, initially asking about how to order groceries online—but soon starts asking her personal questions, like what her car was, where she lived and if she had a boyfriend.

"I told him, 'Yes.' And he told me I was lying, and then asked me how long. I said, 'Not that I owe you any answers, but two years and two kids,' and said I'm very happy in my relationship. I told him to have a great day and I moved along. And he followed me and told me that when I broke up with my boyfriend that he'll take me out," she said.

She says that two hours after that conversation, the man came back and held on to her cart so she couldn't leave. He asked her more questions, then says that she should quit her job at Walmart and work for him. Next, he asked her if her boyfriend was Black, and then said she was "too pretty for a Black man," which is where the original video started.

"In my opinion, people don't really hear you like that when you're being, like, aggressive. And I also wasn't going to be super aggressive towards somebody who literally scared me," @lildaidaii said. "He scared me, and there's so many stories of women who turned men down and get shot on the street. Like, as a woman, I was not going to put myself in a position to get hurt. Who knows how this man could have handled rejection."

As @lildaidaii says, there are a number of news stories about men hurting or killing women who rejected them. In 2017, Christopher Ryan Tucker, 34 at the time, was arrested for killing his teenage girlfriend for rejecting his marriage proposal. He was found guilty in 2021 of strangling Tara Serino, who was only 19, snapping her neck, gouging out her eyes and then hitting her repeatedly until dead with a hatchet.

In 2021, Milad Rouf was sentenced to 15 years for throwing sulfuric acid over his ex-girlfriend. The judge said she thought Rouf did the crime because of "simple jealousy and anger at being rejected." His victim, Rym Alaoui, says she was blinded in one eye due to the attack and now lives "in constant physical and psychological pain."

A 2018 incident saw a man who lit a woman on fire on a public bus, severely injuring her and 10 others. According to witnesses, the man only spoke to Eyvi Liset Ágreda Marchena briefly before covering her in fuel and setting her on fire. He reportedly told her, "I'm burning you because if you're not mine, you won't be anyone's." She died over a month later from her injuries. Carlos Hualpa Vacas was sentenced to 35 years for the crime.

Newsweek reached out to Walmart for comment.

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