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WTF: Man who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer in Prison Explains Why He Did It

The Root 9/29/2022 Kalyn Womack
Photo: Morry Gash (AP) © Photo: Morry Gash (AP) Photo: Morry Gash (AP)

Infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is buzzing again because of the new Netflx series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Now, folks have come to realize his victims were predominantly of color. Plus, the guy who killed him in prison, Christopher Scarver, was a Black man. However, we’re not completely sure he did it “for the people,” if you know what I mean.

Scarver killed Dahmer in 1994. According to an interview with The New York Post, Scarver said the execution was a result of a growing disdain against Dahmer playing with his food. The report said he’d cut out pieces to look like severed limbs and then dress them with ketchup to look like blood. Scarver said Dahmer would put them around other inmates to “taunt” them.

Scarver said he made sure not to interact with him. However, one day he, Dahmer and another inmate, Jesse Anderson, were all uncuffed to clean the bathrooms. Dahmer’s personal escort was not present and the guards left them alone. Scarver took his opportunity and admitted to killing both men.

However, Jim Stingl at the Milwaukee Journal didn’t recall any of these details from Scarver’s interviews after the killing.

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Gerald Boyle, who defended Dahmer at trial, doesn’t believe it. Neither does Steven Kohn, who represented Scarver. “It’s ridiculous,” Boyle told me.

At that time, Scarver never said a word about Dahmer taunting anyone in prison or joking about his crimes, Boyle and Kohn said.

“He told me he had a hit list of five guys who he did not feel were worthy of the word murderer because of who and how they killed,” Boyle said.

Kohn said nothing in the public record supports what Scarver says in the new article. He recalls that Scarver said in the interview with Boyle that Dahmer and Anderson had murdered for unacceptable reasons, and that it was humiliating to be in the same work detail with them.

In the Post interview, Scarver said the prison guards helped him orchestrate the killing by placing him purposely with Dahmer but didn’t elaborate further. Given Dahmer’s personal escort had not been present, that’s not a far-off assumption.

To be honest, I was expecting more of a Black-power-vigilante angle to his response to why he killed the psycho. At the same time, I’m kind of relieved it wasn’t that since the 90s newspapers would’ve chewed up and spit out the story of a Black man killing in the name of civil rights - even if it was THEE Jeffrey Dahmer. Either way, the maniac got the sentence he truly deserved: the hottest seat in hell.

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