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Xbox Rumor Report - AAA Xbox Global Publishing Partnerships 🌀, Kojima Exclusive, & More!

The rumor mill is constantly churning up new Xbox stories. Today we break down 5 of the most plausible Xbox rumors and share some incredible information regarding the future of Xbox Global Publishing. Sounds like there are some amazing AAA partnerships in the works. Our full report - Topics covered in this video: Intro - 00:00 Kojima Xbox Exclusive - 01:05 Nintendo x Xbox Collaboration - 02:20 Xbox Game Pass on Steam - 04:00 Persona 5 Royal on Game Pass - 04:58 Xbox Global Publishing AAA Partnerships - 05:54 Outro - 07:20 Sources: GamesBeat Kojima Article - TheGamer Game Pass on Steam Article - Tyler McVicker Quote - Xbox Era Nintendo x Collab Tweet - Don't forget to Join our channel and get access to a few cool perks, while supporting our work!
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