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Baltimore teacher flooded with school supplies after celebrity's plea

WBAL TV Baltimore logo WBAL TV Baltimore 10/1/2018
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Stacks of school supplies were recently given to a Baltimore City school teacher whose plea for help went viral thanks to a popular actress.

Schools supplies have been arriving in droves to city school teacher Kristen Johnson after actress Kristen Bell posted Johnson's plea for supplies on her Instagram account.

In the video, Johnson talks about one of her students in need.

"One of my girls said she couldn't come to school because it was raining, and she didn't have an umbrella or a rain jacket, so instead of walking to school and being soaked, she would just stay home, wasn't going to school," Johnson said.

The popular actress is taking the 10 Featured Teachers challenge, which is a call for fans to send supplies to teachers in need.

"Over the next 10 days, I will be picking a teacher each day, posting your story to my followers, so we all know what you need, and we can all help you get it," Bell said in a video.

The actress featured Johnson's story first on her page, and the power of celebrity has kicked in full force.

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Boxes upon boxes arrived and Johnson's living room was stacked almost to the ceiling. The post office even told her to come pick up boxes and bring a moving truck.

"The next day, when it showed up on her Instagram, I was just absolutely crazy. I've been such a fan of hers since 'Veronica Mars' so to see that she was actually messaging me, it was crazy," Johnson said.

So much has come in that Johnson's been able to supply many students at the school, not just her own.

"I'm just so thankful, and if you know a teacher, just give them a little support, because we are trying to make it happen for all these students," Johnson said.

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