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Iowa officer responds to kid with fear of monsters in his room

KCCI Des Moines logo KCCI Des Moines 8/27/2019
a person sitting in a room: Eldridge officer helps kid with fear © Provided by Hearst Television, Inc. Eldridge officer helps kid with fear

A 6-year-old's nerves were calmed after an Eldridge police officer visited his new home to confirm no "bad guys" were lurking about.

Amanda Williams' family moved into a new home in eastern Iowa. Her son, Hayden, was anxious about the move. He had always shared a room with his older sister and the new house gave him a room of his own.

Hayden told his mom he was having scary thoughts.

"He believes in superheroes," Williams said. "He believes in bad guys and all other things that appear real to him."

That made it difficult for Hayden to erase the images from his head after accidentally seeing "Annabelle" and "IT" movie trailers.

Despite being very strict about internet and TV time, Williams believed Hayden had seen a commercial for the horror movies and was frightened.

Being a makeup artist, she was aware how Hollywood makes the faces so scary and tried to show Hayden YouTube videos of the horror movies' behind-the-scenes clips. The videos showed artists dressing up and putting on the makeup of the characters. She hoped they would prove to Hayden the monsters weren't real.

"He has a super vivid imagination," Williams said.

After trying weighted blankets, night lights, monster spray and allowing the dog to sleep with him, nothing was helping Hayden's nighttime anxiety. But Hayden knew where to turn to for help.

"I've raised my kids to know that police and doctors are there to help," Williams said.

She was out of options and decided to take Hayden to the Eldridge Police Department. They were both nervous about how people would perceive their problem.

"I don't want them to laugh at me," Hayden told his mom.

That's when Officer Bruce Schwartz walked in. Williams knew him from his work at the high school her daughter went to. He was more than willing to chat with the family in a private room and heard out Hayden's concerns.

"Officer Schwartz had so much empathy and compassion," Williams said.

Hayden then asked Schwartz to check out the house for himself. Schwartz agreed, and the trio returned to the home, where Hayden showed Schwartz all the scary places in his room. Schwartz explained to Hayden what all the spaces were made for and that they didn't host any threats.

Schwartz then told Hayden that he, as an adult, comes home some days with scary thoughts in his head from things he experiences at his job but he lies down and thinks of something joyful.

"What do you think of?" Hayden asked.

Schwartz described thinking of riding a horse and being a cowboy, which makes him happy. Hayden said he would think of the vacations he had gone on with his family.

The following day was the first day of school for Hayden, and while taking pictures in front of the house, Schwartz rolled up in his car to check how Hayden was doing.

"I thought of being a cowboy, just like you," Hayden told Schwartz.

Schwartz told Hayden he can always call if he ever needs anything.

Williams posted the story to Facebook, causing hundreds of comments and thousands of shares.

"Officer Schwartz, if you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of my mama heart," Williams said. "The kindness you've shown Hayden certainly doesn't go unnoticed and I know he will remember this forever."

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