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Random Acts of Kindness: Reassured by her face and voice

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The past few years I have enjoyed bike riding Saturday mornings on the Allegheny Passage trail. I normally ride alone in the morning before the trail gets too crowded. With 25.5 miles down and 4.5 to go, I was approaching the completion of the ride when something crossed in front of my bike path. Instinctively I steered slightly right and glanced left to see what it was. This movement was just enough to travel off the trail into loose gravel. It happened to be in an area where a chain-link fence is a few feet off the trail. Bad timing on my part.

In a nanosecond I remember thinking, “this isn't good” and quickly found myself on the ground and somewhat confused. A young woman riding her bike stopped and asked if I was all right. Another gentleman stopped to offer assistance. As the young lady saw me trying to remove my twisted helmet, the blood was enough for her to say she would call 911. She talked calmly to me and relayed information to the dispatcher on my condition and where we were. I recall her saying something like, “Yes he is bleeding and his right ear is hanging off.”

In a matter of minutes we saw the ambulance go past on East Carson Street. Against her wishes I said I could walk the few feet. She walked with me, pushing my bike along, as we walked to the ambulance. Thanks to the older gentleman who watched her bike as this was happening. A ride to the emergency room at UPMC Mercy Hospital was to follow. Many thanks to the Baldwin EMTs for taking great care of me and for transporting my bike with us as well! The nurses and doctors at Mercy took great care of me. The plastic surgery resident stitched the right ear back in place. From what I can see he did a wonderful job. We are so blessed to have such an outstanding trauma center as Mercy in Pittsburgh, along with the great people that are employed there. Besides the ear issue there were a number of bruises and scratches, but nothing that can’t heal.

I’m sure this young lady told me her name but in my state of shock and confusion, it didn’t register. She was my angel that morning and did everything that a person should do in this type of situation. Thank you for being there and your reassuring face and voice. You were a godsend.



A heartfelt thoughtful gesture

My story may not be unique but it touched my heart.

On a Thursday in October I was at South Hills Village. After shopping and a lot of walking, I was tired. (I’m in my 80s.) I decided to go to Red Robin to sit, relax and have lunch.

I saw a good-looking young couple with a pretty young girl sitting across the aisle from me. I didn’t think they even noticed me, but when I asked the waitress for the check she said it was already paid for by the couple across from me who had just left.

I was so touched that they thought of me and felt bad that I couldn’t thank them. If they read this, God Bless you, and I’ll try to pay it forward.



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