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10 Wrestling Masks That Didn't Make Sense

TheSportster logo TheSportster 8/17/2022 Adan Pena
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Some masks are as iconic as wrestling itself. Rey Mysterio has taken a traditional Lucha mask and helped it become a part of his legacy, as he's a first ballot future hall of famer. The best masks also come from a great story. Kane's face was burned in an infamous fire. The Fiend's mask was as menacing as the dark place that Bray Wyatt reached to unleash the gimmick.

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Some masks were dumb but made a ton of sense. When "Dashing Cody Rhodes" started wearing a clear mask to protect his face, it was because he was so narcissistic. Just because a mask is cool or great doesn't mean it had a good reason to be worn. This list will examine ten masks (both good and bad) that made no sense in wrestling.


Carmella has had an up and down career in the WWE. Her marriage with WWE announcer Corey Graves has become her recent attempt to get over. One of the stranger moments of Carmella's career was a mask she began to adopt in 2021.

The mask was a part of her gimmick and the idea was it was supposed to protect her face. The issue with this mask is it goes against her cocky demeanor since it covers up her self-proclaimed "perfect face." It also won't protect her against injury since it's as thin as her chances of ever being a WWE Women's Champion again.

Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. During a wrestling storyline in the 80s, Andre was suspended from the WWE. In real life, he left the ring to film a movie, The Princess Bride.

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Andre returned as a masked wrestler named "Giant Machine." The story was that Andre avoided suspension by wearing a mask. Sure, it was a comedic angle, but it made little sense since not a single person thought that Andre was not Andre just because he wore a mask.

The Patriot

After a heel turn from Bret Hart, the WWE established a character called "The Patriot." Hart became an American-hating wrestling foe and the Patriot was supposed to be the American to stop him. The whole idea was a forgotten story that amounted to nothing.

One aspect of The Patriot that always felt strange was the Lucha mask. It was likely used to hide the identity of Del Wilkes in case the angle took off, but it made no sense on a purebred American wrestler. A Lucha mask is a Mexican wrestling symbol and it felt both out of place and strange for a "symbol of America" to sport a mask made famous in Mexico.

The Shockmaster

The Shockmaster had one of the worst debuts in the history of wrestling. Fred Ottman was supposed to become a huge star after adopting the gimmick in WCW, but he was unmasked in one of the worst ways possible...he tripped upon entrance.

The gimmick was scrapped shortly after the fall, and although many talks about how funny the incident was, few mention how strange the Stormtrooper helmet was. The Shockmaster wasn't an extension of the Star Wars universe so the helmet makes no sense. The glitter that covered the mask made The Shockmaster look more like a rapper's necklace pendant than a wrestler.

Mr. America

Wrestlers trying to disguise themselves with a mask has happened since the early days of wrestling. Mr. America is a particularly bad rendition of this old story since it featured one of the most recognizable wrestlers of all time, Hulk Hogan. What was this mask supposed to do other than tarnish Hogan's legacy?

If there was ever a moment Vince McMahon got back at Hogan for the formation of the nWo, it was the insane mask he made Hogan wear as Mr. America. Hogan's stock dropped big time due to this mask and gimmick that made no sense to anyone.

Calgary Kid

The Miz's gimmick has worked well for most of his career. Despite being slightly above average in the ring, he main evented WrestleMania 27 thanks to his work with his well-known "A-Lister" gimmick.

In the 2009 storyline, Miz lost to John Cena was banned from Raw and SummerSlam. He showed up as a new wrestler named the Calgary Kid and wrestled Eugene earning a contract to return after winning the bout. His masking made no sense since it was still the Miz who won and he was still technically barred even after his unmasking.


Vader has one of the most iconic masks in the history of wrestling. His entire look and size helped him become a hall of famer who will never be forgotten. Not much is known as to why Vader wore his iconic mask and, in all honesty, it became a trademark that he never really needed.

The look is iconic, but there was never any backstory and the addition of it seems like extra work for the beast who was never presented as a wrestler patient enough to sit and put on a mask before a match.

Chainsaw Charlie

Terry Funk is a wrestling icon. He was a world champion in the '70s and maintained a wrestling career that spanned over FIVE decades. For no clear reason, Funk began to adopt his Chainsaw Charlie gimmick in the WWE.

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The crazy chainsaw-yielding gimmick did little to add to Funk's legacy and the pantyhose that covered his face was pointless. It seemed like somebody at WWE just added the pantyhose to Funk's attire for no real reason.

Aldo Montoya

Before he became Justin Credible at ECW, PJ Polaco was jobber Aldo Montoya, nicknamed “The Portuguese Man O’ War.” The entire gimmick was made to be made fun of and the jockstrap mask was laughable. There was never any concreted reason given for why he wore the mask. To this day, it seems strange to present a jobber with such a bad mask since they are already given very little to work with.

The Undertaker

Some fans forget the Undertaker was forced to wear a mask for a short time in the mid-90s thanks to an injury he suffered to his eye socket. Although its practical usage makes sense for The Deadman, the Phantom of the Opera-esque mask he wore made no sense at all.

The Undertaker's attire is as iconic as he is and there's a reason he never brought back the mask after he recovered from injury, it consumed people. Could he see into another realm with the mask? There were many ways to play it off, but the company did little to establish the mask as anything other than a random addition.


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