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French Bulldog Celebrates 1st Birthday With His 'One Little Friend'—The Cat

Newsweek 5/25/2023 Melissa Fleur Afshar
Cute TikTok Dog Cute TikTok Dog

It's a common belief that cats and dogs rarely get along, but one feline and canine pair have proved themselves to be exceptions to the rule.

The 'best friends' were seen sitting together at the dog's first birthday party in the clip, which has become a viral social-media moment after being viewed more than 1 million times. The TikTok video, shared on May 23, captures Jude the French bulldog's lavish party, which was attended by only one other animal, his best friend and sibling, Keanu the tabby cat. The video has been captioned: "Our dog had his birthday party with his one little friend."


"In the video we are celebrating Jude's first birthday," Jude's owner, Zeena Benjamin, told Newsweek. Jude, Keanu and their owners live in Calgary, Canada, and Benjamin's TikTok feed is full of posts about her two pets and their funny antics.

"We were joined by my partner Daryl, who is Jude's dog dad and the rest of my family. We sang Happy Birthday to him, and he watched us all sing, patiently waiting to dig into his birthday biscuits," Benjamin added.

The proud pet-owner said that, while Keanu is Jude's best friend, the popular Frenchie has plenty more friends at his day care.

The two much-loved pets can be seen sat at a dining table at their owner's apartment, with Jude's birthday spread brimming with animal treats all laid out in front of them. To mark the special occasion, Jude is captured donning a birthday cone hat while blowing out the one candle that had been added to his large birthday dog biscuit.

The dining table that had been decorated for the pup's party showcases all the birthday cards that Jude had received.

What Do the Comments Say?

The TikTok post has been liked by more than 150,000 users and commented on over 500 times. Plenty of users have shared their delight at the heartwarming moment, with one writing: "Why was I not invited?"

"There's no way he only has one friend," another commenter added, while a third added: "What do you mean his ONE little friend?! I'll be his little friend!"

"I have only one lil' friend too. It's not the quantity but the quality of the friend," posted another TikTok user.

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