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'Grinch' Cat Finally Adopted After Hilarious Instagram Post Listing Demands

Newsweek logo Newsweek 12/31/2021 Kate Fowler
Stock image of a Persian cat. A "Grinch" Persian cat was finally adopted after a social media call out. © Getty Images Stock image of a Persian cat. A "Grinch" Persian cat was finally adopted after a social media call out.

A "grinch" cat has finally been adopted after a Kansas cat café shared a hilarious social media call out, warning potential adopters of the lengths they would need to go to for the pampered pet—she requires no siblings, regular blow outs and even orthopedic foam in her bed.

Persian cat Percy became the focus of a social media post by Whiskers Cat Café in Kansas, searching for a potential adopter, but not without disclosing just how difficult she might be for some with her princess ways.

Percy came to the cat café through the Kansas City Project, which took her from a rescue in Joplin, Mo.

According to the social media post, Percy is a true "Grinch" and a "prison princess," who would hate nothing more than living with another animal or child.

"Don't come at us with stories about your ancient cat loving chihuahua," wrote the cat café. "She will murder you and your entire family for getting that thing near her. If you even suggest she can cohabitate with your other precious Persian she will curse you like that awesome witch from Into the Woods."


"Long story short, you will not convince us to let you try. Plan on having children? You think she wants tiny STICKY fists of fury anywhere near her magical snow cape? That's a hard pass on living with a drunken ballerina-ninja."

Owners mustn't have children, but they might as well have a newborn under their wing with the sheer amount of work required by this Persian cat. Percy doesn't just want to be her owner's only pet, she has a long list of demands which "she is not afraid to say loudly out loud."

"She needs those fancy eye wipes for white, long-haired, short-nosed cats. She needs someone who will gasp at the glory of her Grinch toes. She needs brush outs, blow outs, princess level pampering, heating pads, and the orthopedic foam in her own bed. And that's just her baseline," continued the post.

With such a water-tight list of rules and demands, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Percy would struggle to find someone willing to put up with her pampered ways, but you'd be wrong.

Just yesterday, Amy Thomason became Percy's new owner, after seeing the post reported by local outlet FOX4.

"In a surprising turn of events, her heart has indeed grown three sizes and mine has grown like a million," Thomason told FOX4.

"Thank you so much for putting her story out there," Thomason said. "I'm so incredibly grateful to now be owned by this sweet, grumpy looking, 'floofy' queen."

According to Whiskers Cat Café, Percy is spending time on the couch and reveling in being her human's only animal in the house. "We have already gotten an update just HOURS after adoption that she is relaxed, purring, sitting on laps, making 'mashed potatoes', and even giving kisses," it wrote in a social media post.

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