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Oh my! Bear spotted in North Lake Tahoe home

KCRA Sacramento logo KCRA Sacramento 5/4/2018

Placer County sheriff's deputies caught a furry bandit who broke into a North Lake Tahoe home Thursday.

The hungry bear came out of hibernation and was looking for food.

The homeowners called deputies who were able to get the bear out of the home safely.

In an effort keep the bears healthy and prevent future run-ins, the Bear League recommends the following actions:

a cat sitting in front of a window © Placer County Sheriff's Office

1) Never leave ground floor and accessible windows and doors open, even if you are home. Keep them locked.

2) Use regular Pine-Sol (not lemon or any other scent) on the wood around kitchen windows and doors to help mask the food smells coming from inside. Do this often. Also, replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows.

3) Remove garbage and get it away from the house and garage by taking it to a dumpster or installing a bear-proof enclosure.

4) Never leave any food of any kind in your car. Roll up car windows and lock the doors -- bears know how to open car doors if unlocked. Also, put an open bowl of Pine-Sol on the front seat. (But be sure to put a lid on the bowl while you are driving.)




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