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23 best adult Halloween costume ideas for 2021

CNN logo CNN 10/19/2021 By Jolie Kerr
Pineapple Costume Dress © Tipsy Elves Pineapple Costume Dress

After a year of Zoom costume parties and socially distanced trick-or-treating, Halloween 2021 should feel a lot more normal. Of course, "normal" is not what Halloween is all about. The whole point is to break out of your day-to-day existence by dressing up as someone, or something, you're not.

Maleficent Deluxe Costume © Disney Maleficent Deluxe Costume

Whether you're going to a Halloween party this year or hitting the pavement to go trick-or-treating with kids, you'll need a great costume to show your spooky spirit. We've rounded up 23 solo adult Halloween costumes that will get you all the compliments.

Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Costume - Friday the 13th © Spirit Halloween Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Costume - Friday the 13th

‘Squid Game' Halloween costumes

Wocleiliy 'Squid Game' Costume ($22.99;

Wanna be player 001? Grab this track jacket extremely reminiscent of the ones worn in "Squid Game."


SSPalu 'Squid Game' Costume ($33.56;

A Halloween costume you could feasibly wear year-round, this easy hoodie allows you to channel players 240 or 212.


Women's Push It Pop Star Plus Size Costume © Halloween Costumes Women's Push It Pop Star Plus Size Costume

Boling Manufacturing 'Squid Game' One-Piece ($44.56;

You can frighten all of your neighbors with this supervisor ensemble.

Victorian Vampire Costume © Spirit Halloween Victorian Vampire Costume

Women's Halloween costumes

Flamingo Inflatable Costume © Halloween Costumes Flamingo Inflatable Costume

Maleficent Deluxe Costume ($64.99;

Sure, you could go as a Disney princess — but isn't dressing up as a Disney villain a lot more fun? Disney's official deluxe Maleficent costume comes with a dress and headpiece; add her staff to complete the look.


Women's Praying Mantis Costume ($79.95;

The animal kingdom offers plenty of costume inspiration. If you're looking to stand out among a sea of lions and tigers and bears, this praying mantis onesie takes things up a notch in the unexpected costume department.

Boling Manufacturing Squid Game One-Piece © Walmart Boling Manufacturing Squid Game One-Piece


Pineapple Costume Dress ($59.95;

Fruits are another costume theme that are ripe for the picking (sorry, sorry, couldn't resist!) and what fruit is more fun than a pineapple? In addition to being super cute, the great thing about this pineapple costume from Tipsy Elves is that it's basically like wearing an oversized hoodie.


Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Costume ---— 'Friday the 13th' ($49.99;

Men's Plus Size Renaissance Knight Costume © Oriental Trading Men's Plus Size Renaissance Knight Costume

Speaking of comfortable costumes! If you're looking for a costume that is easily recognizable and super comfortable, you can't go wrong with a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor outfit. Not only will you be in shorts and a T-shirt, you'll also have the perfect excuse to wear a pair of sneakers. Your feet will thank you.

Men's Pinata Costume © Tipsy Elves Men's Pinata Costume


Lady of Seas Costume ($54.99;

A lot of traditional Halloween costumes now feel outmoded, but a good old-fashioned pirate never goes out of style. This is a great choice for ladies who want something a little risqué that doesn't veer into the ridiculous.

Inflatable Ghostbusters Slimer Costume © Oriental Trading Inflatable Ghostbusters Slimer Costume

Men's Halloween costumes

Captain America Deluxe Costume ($59.99;

Superhero costumes are a staple of Halloween — after all, who doesn't want to be a hero for a day? — and this Captain America costume comes with all the necessary pieces to transform yourself into a day-saver. The deluxe costume kit comes with a muscle chest jumpsuit, boot toppers and a headpiece, so all you need to add is bravado.


Men's Plus-Size Renaissance Knight Costume ($143.99;

If superheroes aren't your thing but you're into the whole savior vibe, be someone's knight in shining armor with this deluxe Renaissance knight costume kit. It includes a tunic with chain metal sleeves, black pants, a belt and a hood; add a sword to complete the look.


Victorian Vampire Costume ($69.99;

Purple Rock Legend Costume © Amazon Purple Rock Legend Costume

For men whose tastes run a little more to the macabre, this Victorian vampire costume will have you cutting a dashing — if a bit dark and sinister — figure through this year's Halloween parties.


Swedish Fish Costume ($59.99;

The genius thing about this costume is that everyone loves Swedish Fish, making you the most popular guy at the party. Up your game by bringing along treat-sized bags of Swedish Fish to hand out.

Women's Praying Mantis Costume © Tipsy Elves Women's Praying Mantis Costume


Men's Pinata Costume ($109.95;

Pinatas are just a lot of fun — and so is this onesie pinata costume from Tipsy Elves. But as fun as this outfit is, remember that it comes with a downside: You'll probably be fielding whacks from the Renaissance knight's sword and Maleficent's staff all night.

© iStock

Celebrity Halloween costumes

Women's Push It Pop Star Plus-Size Costume (starting at $54.99;

The worst thing about Halloween as a kid was when your mom made you wear a coat over your costume. This Salt-N-Pepa outfit solves the problem of needing to stay warm in your costume, since a jacket is included.


Green Billie Eilish Costume (starting at $29.99;

The beauty of celebrity costumes is that the variety available gives you a lot of choice in terms of comfort. This Billie Eilish costume is instantly recognizable, which is great since you'll get to go out in oversized shorts and a T-shirt for max style and comfort.


Britney Spears-Inspired Red Stretch Vinyl Catsuit 'Oops I Did It Again' ($160;

Britney Spears Inspired Red Stretch Vinyl Catsuit Oops I Did It Again © Etsy Britney Spears Inspired Red Stretch Vinyl Catsuit Oops I Did It Again

If bodycon costumes are more your style, you can't get more bodycon than this red vinyl catsuit that will have you looking like Britney Spears in the "Oops!... I Did It Again" video. Reviewers love the fit of this bodysuit, but note that it can be a bit hot, so it's probably best for outdoor parties or colder climates.


Richard Simmons Costume ($39.99;

Richard Simmons Costume © Halloween Costumes Richard Simmons Costume

On the flip side, this Richard Simmons costume, with its skimpy shorts and tank top, is well-suited for warm climates or parties that you know will get extra sweaty.


Purple Rock Legend Costume ($59.99;

The great thing about dressing up as Prince for Halloween is that so many of his songs serve as directives to get the party started. Let it be known when you roll up to the Halloween festivities that you're ready to party like it's 1999, or exhort fellow partygoers, "Let's go crazy!"

'80s Inflatable Portable Phone © Spirit Halloween '80s Inflatable Portable Phone

Inflatable Halloween costumes

Flamingo Inflatable Costume ($59.99;

Rubber Chicken Inflatable Costume © Spirit Halloween Rubber Chicken Inflatable Costume

Partygoers are sure to flock to you — get it, get it? — when you show up to the Halloween soiree in this delightful inflatable flamingo costume.


Inflatable Sloth Costume ($59.99;

There are plenty of obvious choices when it comes to inflatable animal costumes, but for people looking to deviate from the norm, this inflatable sloth is a hilarious choice. No one expects an inflatable sloth to show up at the Halloween party! Which is exactly why you should do so.

Swedish Fish Costume © Oriental Trading Swedish Fish Costume


SSPalu Squid Game Costume © Walmart SSPalu Squid Game Costume

Rubber Chicken Inflatable Costume ($59.99;

Green Billie Eilish Costume © Halloween Costumes Green Billie Eilish Costume

Animals lend themselves perfectly to inflatable costumes, and this inflatable rubber chicken — that old staple of slapstick comedy — outfit is a twist on the classic chicken.

Wocleiliy Squid Game Costume © Walmart Wocleiliy Squid Game Costume


Inflatable 'Ghostbusters' Slimer Costume ($72.99;

If animal costumes aren't your thing, but you love an inflatable look, this Slimer costume will delight you. Wear Slimer on your own or pair up with a couple of Ghostbusters for an instantly recognizable group costume.


'80s Inflatable Portable Phone ($5.99;

If you like the look of inflatables but don't want the inconvenience of lugging around a big, bulky costume all night, inflatable accessories are the way to go. This giant portable phone is a hilarious throwback to when phones actually were this huge.

Inflatable Sloth Costume

Inflatable Sloth Costume
© Halloween Costumes

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