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30 Stylish Men’s Pants That You'll Actually Want to Wear

Men's Health logo Men's Health 12/1/2021 Christian Gollayan, Jon Gugala
From the best sweatpants for men, to the best jeans for men, we found the best pants for men to buy now, from some of the best clothing brands for men. © Courtesy of Retailer From the best sweatpants for men, to the best jeans for men, we found the best pants for men to buy now, from some of the best clothing brands for men.

Of all the items in his closet, a good pair of men’s pants is the most important. It’s not because he’ll need a lot of them—many guys will wear some of the best pants for men until the crotch blows out or the knee rips through. They’re important because of how often they’re worn. The right pair of men’s pants is a frequent companion, a calling card, and an assistant. The wrong pair is a hindrance. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, khakis, workout pants, or even workwear pants, you’ll be spending a lot of time in them, relying on them to both endure and to make you look like you should.

The best men’s pants fall into categories. We’ve seen plenty, and we’ve assembled our favorites in each. Whether you’re looking for Japanese selvedge denim or high-tech joggers, we’ve got you covered. The hardest part is picking. Wearing them over the coming years is easy.

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The original athleticwear, for years this was as tech as guys would get. They hit heavy bags and drank raw eggs. Times may have moved on, but this piece elicits those old days that bred hard men.

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Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant © Courtesy of retailer Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant


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Menswear designer Snyder took inspiration from New York boxing gyms to overhaul the sleepy Champion brand, but even he couldn’t have imagined how popular the collaboration would get. The Slim Jogger Sweatpant follows a trim line that cuts the bulk out of the traditional cut, and the 18-ounce French terry fabric is so comfortable you’ll want to wear them out. Each season sees new colors, so you can buy a few and rotate them.

Vuori Ponto Performance Pant © Vuori Ponto Performance Pant


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Since launching in 2013, Vuori has been producing versatile pants that you can wear practically anywhere. Case in point: their bestselling performance pant, which features a modern cut and super soft DreamKnit fabric that's perfect for working from home, or trekking to the airport.

American Giant Classic Sweatpant © American Giant Classic Sweatpant


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No frills, just solid sweatpants: That’s how we’d describe American Giant’s Classic. Cut from thick cotton fleece, they’re generously apportioned and easy to wear, with a timeless look that spans a century.


At one point, joggers were supposedly for jogging. Now, they’re more athleisure: something you might work out in, but probably never do. They emote a sporty and youthful look, and they’re great for casual days, quick strolls to grab takeout and low-stakes errands.

Wilson Midway Travel Pant © Wilson Midway Travel Pant


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While the company may be better known for its tennis racquets and NBA game balls, Wilson’s new Sportswear line of activewear-straddling apparel is a breath of fresh air. The Midway is super light, flexible, and comfortable. It also has clean enough lines to fool onlookers when khakis are the uniform of the day.

Tommy John Go Anywhere® Quick Dry Jogger © Courtesy of retailer Tommy John Go Anywhere® Quick Dry Jogger


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Loungewear’s undisputed king has made huge inroads over the last 18 months as more men worked from home than ever before. Its joggers claim to dry four times faster and keep you seven degrees cooler than cotton, which we can neither confirm nor deny. But they are hella comfortable when enduring your third Zoom meeting in a row.

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Duer No Sweat Jogger © Courtesy of retailer Duer No Sweat Jogger


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Slim-fitting and made from a blend of cotton, tencel, polyester, and Spandex, Duer approached its No Sweat with action in mind. The result is the most technical pick in the category. For the guy looking to actually jog in his joggers, this is an easy choice.

Workout Pants

Just because the summer is gone doesn’t mean you have to start gaining weight like a bear preparing to hibernate. Workout pants allow you to sweat outdoors in the colder weather, while their slim fit stays out of the way. Let is snow—you’ll be ready.

Ten Thousand Session Pant © Courtesy of retailer Ten Thousand Session Pant


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Super lightweight, laser-perforated for even greater breathability, and flexible, you’d be hard-pressed to know they’re there if it weren’t for all your stuff in their pockets. The Session Pant isn’t the warmest on this list, but it’s the least noticeable for those who want more coverage and less bulk. Ankle zippers allow for a trimmer fit around the calves.

Brooks Source Tight © Brooks Source Tight


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When it comes to wintertime runs, a pair of tights is essential, and while we feel they’re sufficient on their own, you can also slip them under your favorite shorts for more coverage. Even with their skintight fit, there are two deep side pockets for on-the-go essentials like a smartphone, ID, gloves, and anything else you might need.

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Rhone Guru Pant © Courtesy of retailer Rhone Guru Pant


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So you run, CrossFit, play tennis, and more? Then the Guru pant is for you. This Swiss Army Knife of technical trousers is slim but not restrictive and includes hand pockets, a media pouch, and a drawcord to tailor its waistline before or after a Thanksgiving feast.

Selvedge Denim

Cuts come in and out of vogue, but great denim is timeless. Every man should own one pair of selvedge denim, in a dark wash, purchased new and then worn until the wheels fall off. It will take weeks of uncomfortable sitting and odd creasing behind the knees. But like a butterfly wriggling out of its cocoon, on the other side of this will be the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever own, since it’s worn in to your specific body. Don’t scrimp, since quality fabric and years of longevity shouldn’t come cheap.

Everlane The Selvedge Slim Fit Jean © Everlane The Selvedge Slim Fit Jean


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Since 2010, Everlane has been producing quality denim that won't break the bank, and these slim fit jeans are no exception. We love how stretchy and sturdy these pants feel, which means you'll want to wear them all day, every day.

Taylor Stitch The Slim Jean in 18-Month Wash Organic Selvage © Courtesy of retailer Taylor Stitch The Slim Jean in 18-Month Wash Organic Selvage


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There’s no shortage of companies elbowing into the selvedge space. Taylor Stitch continues to distinguish itself with the fits, materials, and construction that make you want to wear them every day. Cut from organic 13-ounce cotton and copper YKK rivets and buttons, it’s ready to go the distance.

Buck Mason Japanese Selvedge Full Saddle Jean © Courtesy of retailer Buck Mason Japanese Selvedge Full Saddle Jean


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Far from the most you can spend on a pair of jeans, Buck Mason’s Full Saddle has a price that’s both affordable and justifiable. The comfortable fit spans decades; the dark wash ensures incredible whiskering over its life. Rivets at stress points bolster durability.

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Heritage Denim

An American original, blue jeans were once thought of as a valuable Cold War weapon. They’ve become iconic through Springsteen and Dean, emblematic of movements, and blamed for both society’s ills and strengths. The picks in this list pay homage to the style’s history, with a direct tie-in for the guy who sees himself as a continuation of a legacy.

Levi © Levi


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The original. From the company (and the man) who invented the blue jean, the 501 has graced the rears of some of the most iconic men in history, and yet it looks as good today. A straight leg, zero stretch, and a button fly, these pay homage to the past while taking you into the future.

Calvin Klein Men © Calvin Klein Men


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Mark Wahlberg embodied an era when he posed in his Calvins. The company does the ‘90s like no other, with classic stonewashes and slim, straight fits. Any guy with an eye toward sartorial history will give you a well-deserved nod.

Diesel Zatiny Bootcut Jeans © Diesel Zatiny Bootcut Jeans


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When the vast majority of makers moved on from bootcut jeans in the mid-Aughts, Diesel held out, and it remains the biggest and best maker of the style today. Cotton, with a touch of elastane for stretch, these are comfortable right off of the rack. The Tim Riggins cut begs for a pair of Luccheses peeping underneath.

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Flex Denim

Hey, we get it: Sometimes you just want a jean to move with you. So forget about committing weeks of discomfort to a pair of pants before they release; these three jeans are comfy from first wear. With flex enough to run a marathon (it’s been done), they’ll more than get you through a big lunch or a long day with no complaints.

Tecovas Slim Jean © Courtesy of retailer Tecovas Slim Jean


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Tecovas must have gotten fed up with customers complaining that its boots wouldn’t fit under jeans, so it made its own. Slim everywhere save for just below the calf, if you’ve been looking for a jean that will accommodate everything from shit-kickers to Chelseas, this is it. It goes without saying that they’re also damn comfortable and available in several washes.

Warp and Weft AMS Jean © Courtesy of retailer Warp and Weft AMS Jean


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Some companies may dabble in stretch denim, but Warp and Weft has made it a life calling. Its fits are available in the broadest number of washes we’ve ever seen, while the feel of them is unmatched. They’ve also added some magic in the fabric to ensure that your pants don’t bag out over time.

Revtown The Sharp Jean © Courtesy of retailer Revtown The Sharp Jean


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These stretch jeans are so good that Joe Rogan raves about them even when the company isn’t paying him. Three former Under Armour execs added all the comfort of sportswear into denim, and their flex has to be felt to be believed. The Sharp and others are also offered in a range of finishes from dark to light.

Cargo Pants

The cargo pant was born out of necessity: military men needed somewhere to stow their gear. While they style may have since transitioned to civilian life, its function remains, while its style borrows on the wartime bravery of the past. More casual than khakis, they carry their own history (as well as all your stuff).

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Banana Republic Organic Cargo Pant © Courtesy of retailer Banana Republic Organic Cargo Pant


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The most old-meets-new cargo on this list, these are cut straight out of a washed organic cotton fabric that feels like it’s already got a few good stories.

Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Canvas Cargo Pant © Courtesy of retailer Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Fit Canvas Cargo Pant


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Spinning old to new and back to old, the Canvas Cargo is what you imagine cargo pants used to be. Slim-fitting, pre-distressed, and with unique folds that show engineering over modern fabrics, these feel authentic without suggesting you’ve just splurged in a military surplus store.

Alpha Industries Cargo Pant © Courtesy of retailer Alpha Industries Cargo Pant


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From the same company that invented the M-65 jacket (really), it’s no surprise that Alpha Industries knows a thing or two about fatigue-like trousers. Its cotton Cargo is generous, as it should be, with adjusters at the waist and ankles to dial in the fit.


In days past, it was hard to wow with khakis. They were a staple, and a boring one. Then makers incorporated flexible fabrics, brighter colors, and better fits. Suddenly, you can see yourself wearing khakis even if you didn’t have to. If you’ve been dragging your heels, they’re more affordable than ever before.

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Lululemon ABC Pant Classic 32 © Courtesy of retailer Lululemon ABC Pant Classic 32


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Second to its underwear, the ABC Pant was, for many men, the gateway drug to the intoxicating world of Lululemon. An acronym for Anti Ball-Crushing, these synthetic, stretchy khakis feel like a sweatpant but look as put-together as a religious holiday. They’ve remained a favorite for business casual and golf outings for years.

Gap Modern Khakis in Slim Fit with GapFlex © Courtesy of retailer Gap Modern Khakis in Slim Fit with GapFlex


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Second only to its denim, Gap made a name for itself because of its great-fitting khakis. Today, its sizes and fits are broader than ever, but they elicit the same die-hard loyalty. Slim but not tight, with flex in the fabric and waistband, they’re sure to become a staple of your wardrobe. They also come in a host of hues.

Docker Alpha Khakis © Courtesy of retailer Docker Alpha Khakis


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Your dad’s Dockers have been undergoing a renaissance of late, with updated fits that don’t scream normcore. The Alphas have stretch, a slimmer fit, and both traditional and fun colors to go with any occasion.


One of the maxims in menswear is that chinos are really just beat-up khakis. The implication is clear: Your favorite chinos are less tidy, more comfortable, and a tick or two more relaxed than what you might wear in a buttoned-up office.

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Bonobos The WFHQ Pant © Bonobos The WFHQ Pant


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Speaking of comfortable, Bonobos' pant is the ultimate WFH chino, thanks to its elastic waist and stretchy fabric that you'll want to work and sleep in.

Alex Crane Cham Linen Pant © Alex Crane Cham Linen Pant


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Alex Crane made waves over the past years with its linen for summer, but the Cham Pants are a fall and winter sleeper. With a feeling similar to a broke-in pair of jeans, these are relaxed from first wear with a perfect fading that doesn’t suggest a bespoke distresser just out of frame. Cotton canvas is secured with plant-based Brazilian buttons.

Wellen Longrider Easy Chino © Courtesy of retailer Wellen Longrider Easy Chino


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Even for chinos, we were surprised with the lengths the Longrider takes. That drawstring? The wide-wale corduroy? An elastic waistband? In a category of relaxation, these organic cotton trousers push the limits. And we love it.

Work Pants

Every guy needs a pair of pants reserved for dirty jobs. Maybe you’re rebuilding a transmission; maybe you’re just changing your oil or completing home improvement projects. Regardless of your expertise, a pair of work pants will save your nice pants for the night out.

Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans © Carhartt Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans


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Carhatt's been synonymous with reliable workwear that lasts a lifetime. Take these canvas work pants, which is made with wrinkle-resistant, triple-stiched fabric for extra durability, and has plenty of nifty pockets to store your EDC.

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Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants © Courtesy of retailer Filson Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants


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One of the original dirty jobs fabrics, oil cloth has been used by generations of men. Filson is a modern master, and it incorporates a double layer of the fabric from waist to knee to protect from minor spills to abrasions, punctures, and more. They’re cut generously, as the fabric itself doesn’t flex.

Dickies Original 874® Work Pants © Courtesy of retailer Dickies Original 874® Work Pants


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A classic for a reason, Dickies are both super affordable and have a classic silhouette that’s become very, very popular among skateboarders. They’re wrinkle- and stain-resistant, durable, and a popular in the trades for 60 years.


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